April 2020

Your Life’s Halftime: Whine, Watch, or Win?
Becoming is better than being. Carol Dweck  Lately, I find myself thinking about sports. This is not...
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improve your life by taking five minutes a day to enjoy a cup of coffee
46 ways to improve your life right now
At Talentfoot, it's not in our nature to dwell on the negative. We are in the...
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SBA loan parachute
Congratulations, your SBA loan got approved, NOW WHAT?!
Congratulations - Your SBA Loan Got Approved... Now What?! In response to the economic nosedive...
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April flowers in bloom
Talentfoot Executive Search: April Hotlist
Below is the April Hotlist showcasing our current opportunities. If you or anyone you may...
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Mom helping kids do homework during FMLA leave
Someone, Please Explain FMLA [+ Free Employee Communication Template]
Put everything you thought you knew about sick leave policies on hold. Congress passed new...
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Plan a plan b plan c on sticky notes
A Beginner’s Guide to Furloughs, Layoffs, and Termination
As businesses look for ways to survive shelter in place orders, turmoil on Wall Street, and seemingly endless...
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