Camille Fetter

Man looking on phone
Six Simple Tips for an Attention-Grabbing LinkedIn Profile
No matter what your job title, industry, or career aspirations, a LinkedIn profile is a...
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Arianna Huffington
Everything You Need to Know about Female Board Member Regulations
The boardroom is beginning to look different than it did just a few years ago. With new laws...
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Remote work from home
3 Ways Remote Work Will Change the Future of Employment
In March, more than 16 million American workers left the office and shifted to remote work. The professional world was...
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Gender sign
How to Explain Gender Neutral Job Descriptions to Your Boss
Do you ever review your candidate pool and wonder why many of the applicants look the same? You might be, unknowingly, advertising jobs that appeal...
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Woman coding on a laptop
Five Tech Hiring Trends in 2020
COVID changed everything employers planned for their 2020 headcount. As we transition into the second half of...
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Don’t Assume Executives will Accept Job Offers. Do This to Seal the Deal.
What entices an executive to leave the safe haven of a job in the middle of...
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Group of diverse colleagues
Three Reasons Diversity Must Be Part of Your Recruitment Strategy
Like many of you, I’ve been spending time thinking about diversity and inclusion. This brings to mind a scenario I often face with...
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A red flower in a field
Get a Recruiter’s Secret Weapon: An Interview Scorecard
Recently, a surge of applicants flooded the talent pool. Hiring managers tell me they see hundreds and...
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elbow tap as a post-pandemic greeting
Post-Pandemic Planning 101: Getting Back to the Office
After more than two months working remotely, it is difficult to imagine heading back into...
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woman preparing for virtual hiring
How to Get it Right – Hiring Amid a Global Pandemic
If the global pandemic hasn’t changed your approach to interviewing and hiring, now is the time to switch...
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Your Life’s Halftime: Whine, Watch, or Win?
Becoming is better than being. Carol Dweck  Lately, I find myself thinking about sports. This is not...
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improve your life by taking five minutes a day to enjoy a cup of coffee
46 ways to improve your life right now
At Talentfoot, it's not in our nature to dwell on the negative. We are in the...
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