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In an ever-changing, technology-driven world, we understand your team needs to be able to change with it. Our contract tech staffing services were created to help you find professionals who are passionate about career development and are dedicated to the challenge of demanding roles, guiding your company to next level success.

When it comes to filling the much sought after and necessary technology driven roles for your organization, you need a premier contract tech staffing firm who knows the ins and outs of every position that falls under the broad category of “technology.” These roles include software engineer, data engineer, cloud engineer, development operations (DevOps), information security, automation and machine learning, and technology leadership. Each of these roles play a vital part in the success of your organization’s technology strategy. From building out websites and desktop applications to making sure everything is saved in place and secure – these are the critical tech roles your organization needs to be safe, secure, and successful.

Don’t leave some of the most important hires your organization will ever make to a recruiting company who doesn’t give you the necessary time and attention that your organization needs. As a boutique contract tech staffing firm, Talentfoot is big enough to compete for the best and brightest tech talent while providing your organization with the time and attention needed to make sure you not only receive the best tech talent, but the right tech talent for your organization.

Software Engineering

Software Engineers design, develop, and install software solutions for your organization. This can involve implementing an existing software platform on an enterprise scale or creating a proprietary software platform for your organization.

Software Engineers are also tasked with developing your organization’s information systems. These systems are how your organization stores and accesses your electronic records. Software Engineers are one of the most common and necessary technology professionals.

Data Engineering

Your Data Engineers are responsible for transforming your data into a format that can be easily analyzed. Data engineers develop, maintain, and test infrastructures for data generation. Your organization likely has a large amount of data that is entered into your software and cloud-based platforms everyday. As your organization continues to grow, this data will only increase even more.

Your data is only useful if you can segment and analyze it so you know what it actually says. This is precisely the job of your data engineer – translating your data into easily segmented and digestible pieces so you know what your organization is doing well and where you need to improve.

Cloud Engineering

A Cloud Engineer is the technology professional in charge of designing, implementing, and managing your organization’s cloud-based systems. Cloud Engineers develop and implement cloud-based applications, and migrate existing on-premise applications to your cloud infrastructure.


Your DevOps Engineers are responsible for simplifying the development process of your software. They build, test, and maintain your software infrastructure and the tools needed to develop and release software. Your Software Engineers build or implement your software, your DevOps team makes it easy to use.

Information Security

Information Security professionals are some of the most important employees in your entire organization, not just your technology department. These analysts design and implement security systems to protect your organization’s computer networks from cyber threats, and help set and maintain your security standards.

AI/Machine Learning

Automation Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) engineers are highly skilled designers and developers in charge of ML and deep learning systems that automate your workload. They are responsible for running machine learning tests and experiments, as well as implementing appropriate ML algorithms.

Technology Leadership

Your Technology leadership is the software engineer at the helm of your technology team. They are responsible for the alignment of your organization’s technology direction as well as managing the day-to-day operations of your technology department.

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