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Contract Tech Staffing Firm

In an ever-changing, technology-driven world, we understand your team needs to be able to change with it. Our contract tech staffing services were created to help you find professionals who are passionate about career development and are dedicated to the challenge of demanding roles, guiding your company to next level success.

Software Engineering

Design, develop, and install software solutions along with developing information systems.

Data Engineering

Transforms data into a format that can be easily analyzed. Data engineers develop, maintain, and test infrastructures for data generation.

Cloud Engineering

Design, implement, and manage cloud-based systems. Cloud Engineers develop and implement cloud-applications, and migrate existing on-premise applications to the cloud.


DevOps engineers simplify the development process of software. They build, test, and maintain the infrastructure and tools to develop and release software.

Information Security

These analysts design and implement security systems to protect an organization’s computer networks from cyber threats, and help set and maintain security standards.

AI/Machine Learning

Designs and develops ML and deep learning systems. Responsible for running machine learning tests and experiments and implementing appropriate ML algorithms.

Technical Leadership

The software engineer at the helm of the team, and is responsible for the alignment of the technical direction.

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