Devops Headhunter

Devops Headhunter

In an ever-changing, technology-driven world, we understand your team needs to be able to change with it. Our development operations (DevOps) staffing services were created to help you find professionals who are passionate about career development and are dedicated to the challenge of demanding roles, guiding your company to next level success.

Talentfoot is a premier DevOps headhunter that is skilled in the art of finding top tier technology talent inside the DevOps niche. We know every facet of the roles considered to be part of the Development Operations world, and many of the key players in this technology segment who are making waves at organizations across a wide spectrum of industries.

As a boutique DevOps headhunter, Talenfoot is big enough to compete for the best and brightest DevOps talent while being small enough to give your organization the time and attention you deserve and that is necessary to place not only the top DevOps talent, but the right DevOps talent for your organization. From DevOps Engineers, to Platform Engineers and Product Managers, our DevOps network is vast and stacked with high caliber technology talent. Our vast network and boutique size make us the premier DevOps headhunter you need in your corner.

DevOps Engineer

Your DevOps Engineering team will oversee the planning, development, and execution of your organization’s software suite. This includes both your desktop software applications, as well as your cloud-based applications for both existing software systems that your organization implements at enterprise scale and any proprietary software your organization owns.

DevOps engineers also play a vital role in the packaging of your proprietary software systems should you choose to copyright, trademark, and sell it to other organizations.

Platform Engineer

Your Platform Engineer administers the configuration of all your software services into various environments. They are responsible for tailor fitting your organization’s software infrastructure through skilled programming to meet the needs of your organization’s software engineering team. In short, your Platform Engineer will bridge the gap between your software applications and the hardware that runs them.

This is an essential DevOps function as it takes extra measures to ensure that your hardware and software are compatible with one another and that everything runs smoothly. If you plan to sell any of your proprietary software, your Platform Engineer will be able to determine the minimal operating system and hardware requirements for your clients to see success with your proprietary software products.

Product Manager

Product Managers are skilled DevOps professionals with strong technical backgrounds. Your Product Managers will focus on the technical aspects of your technology products for both internal use, as well as an external sale.

Your Product Managers will work with your Platform Engineers and Software Engineers to gain a deep understanding of the products they manage. This deep understanding will enable them to teach others how to use your software products within your organization as well as how to effectively market your software products to your customers.

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