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Sales Recruiting Firm

With Talentfoot’s deep understanding of the enterprise landscape, our executive sales recruiters have built business development, sales and sales management teams for leading companies across all major industry verticals.

Your growth goals inspire us to help you discover the top performing sales people on the rise. Our sales recruiting agency has access to sales talent across a wide range of sales positions, including executive sales roles, inside sales roles, martech and adtech roles, business development roles, and more.

Industries we serve

Chief Revenue Officer

Lead the integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions including sales, business development, marketing, pricing and customer relations to ensure revenue generation and business growth.

SVP of Sales

Companies are searching for professionals with proven business acumen and an analytical approach to create the organizations go-to market strategy and lead innovative sales initiatives with key stakeholders. As an SVP, you have the experience to manage a team of sales and marketing executives and grow the company’s footprint and value.

VP of Sales

Successfully lead a sales team or department and direct the team into meeting and exceeding sales revenues, sales profitability and budgetary objectives.

Director of Sales

A self-starter and an expert in negotiation and marketing, a sales director understands brand building, conversion optimization, how to drive deals forward and compress decision cycles.

Business Development

From startups to large scale companies, a strong business development team is essential, as it defines the approach to driving growth. Business development is all about having a vision, exploring the unknown and being adaptable enough to use any vehicle to create that vision.

MarTech Sales

A career in marketing technology is for professionals interested in utilizing their creative sales skills in a technical and digital landscape. These roles require the ability to translate a marketing vision into a data centric implementation to deliver on sales goals.

AdTech Sales

As innovative ways to engage customers through the digital landscape continue to develop, leaders across the AdTech ecosystem are needed to establish agency and direct brand relationships, understand market trends and help marketers conceptualize, understand and act on their media.

FinTech Sales

For professionals looking to grow their careers in a booming business, FinTech could be the answer. Fintech companies need talented professionals who can speak the languages of tech, finance, and innovation to transform the financial services industry.

Industrial Sales

Industrial sales representatives or sales engineers have a knack for selling industrial products to businesses or individuals in a specific territory or region. These professionals are efficient in building their own personal relations and maintaining those relationships.

Corporate Sales

A corporate sales representative sells a service or product to help earn a profit for a company and are considered the most impactful employees in a business. These jobs give professionals the opportunity to work in wide array of industries and practice their strategic prospecting skills, product knowledge and communication skills to bring success to an organization.

Enterprise Sales

As an enterprise sales representative, you are responsible for the generation of revenue through defining and executing a sales model and strategic alliances with customers. These sales generally involve large-scale corporate solutions.

SaaS Sales

Passionate about web-based software? Fluent in technology? SaaS sales representatives work across a variety of verticals to merchandise, sell and distribute software products and help build a powerful SaaS business.

Digital Advertising Sales

Digital advertising sales professionals are responsible for maximizing revenues through the digital advertising space by working with agencies and brands to create effective campaigns that drive top line growth.

CPG Sales

It’s true – technology is shaping the CPG industry in unprecedented ways and only the companies with innovative sales and marketing teams grow at breakneck speed. Be part of a company that is staying abreast the rapidly-changing consumer demands and using innovation to improve the CPG sales experience.

Inside Sales Manager

Inside sales managers or inside sales representatives work to create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process by developing a strategic process to generate leads, nurture leads and close deals. Responsibilities may include recruiting, training, supervising a team and more.

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