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A rapidly growing, innovative, PE-backed company in the travel and hospitality space seeks a Head of Marketing to refine and execute marketing strategies. Operating at the intersection of hospitality brands and local activities, the company’s solutions drive memorable guest experiences, aiding in brand differentiation, bookings, and guest loyalty across 24,000+ vacation rentals and hotels in 70+ destinations.

As Head of Marketing, you will oversee three key marketing pillars: B2C E-Commerce Strategy and Execution, Brand Management and Development, and B2B Lead Nurturing. Responsibilities span developing and executing B2C e-commerce strategies, leading personalized communications, optimizing website performance, managing product merchandising, ensuring seamless customer experiences, analyzing metrics, managing budgets, and guiding B2B lead nurturing teams.

The ideal candidate will have a distinguished track record in senior marketing, preferably in E-commerce, and demonstrate strong leadership in cross-functional team management.