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About Ghorden

Ghorden Belleus, a seasoned Senior Recruiter from Canada, brings a diverse background to Talentfoot. Starting his professional journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology in Ottawa, Ghorden transitioned through roles like Certified Insurance Professional and IT Service Desk Specialist before making a strategic shift to executive recruiting. As a global HR service leader, he played a pivotal role in establishing and expanding a division and achieving national recognition.

Highlights of Ghorden’s career include successful division leadership, generating $800K in revenue in a year, and earning accolades like Rookie of the Year. Now excelling in pitching and closing sales positions at Talentfoot, Ghorden thrives on client interaction and the dynamics of deal-closing.

Outside work, Ghorden values family life, having met his wife through church and welcoming their daughter in 2021. He emphasizes the importance of not counting one’s chickens before they hatch and underscores consistency as the silent cornerstone of achievement. According to Ghorden, success in sales is a series of consistent efforts and persistent actions, reflecting his deep understanding of the cumulative nature of success.

Ghorden Belleus remains a driving force in the recruiting landscape, seamlessly blending experience, passion, and leadership into every role. His resilience and commitment to consistency showcase his ability to navigate challenges and maintain success in the dynamic field of sales recruiting.

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