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10 Reasons Why a Sales Recruiter Can Advance Your Career

Sales Recruiter Can Advance Your Career

Did you know that 80% of corporate jobs are never advertised? This piece of information that appeared in a Wall Street Journal article suggests that landing your next sales job might be increasingly complex. A successful job search requires expert knowledge of the industry and top employers, and without it, your prospects might suffer.


One way to improve your chances is to work with a sales recruiter. Sales companies  often hire professionals in the talent acquisition industry when they have roles that are difficult to fill, require special skills, need to hire quickly, or lack the resources to get someone hired. A sales recruiter has specialized experience in building relationships with companies and sourcing and vetting top-level candidates.


If you want to advance your sales career, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about sales recruiters and the top ten reasons why they’re your best option. 


What Is a Sales Recruiter?


Sales recruiters are specialized recruiting experts who assist businesses with hiring skilled sales staff. They will help design engaging job descriptions, strategize how to best advertise job openings, screen candidates, and schedule interviews. For job seekers, a sales recruiter works with candidates to match their experience and skills to current openings with sales agencies. 


How Can a Sales Recruiter Help Me?


If you are a job seeker, a sales recruiter can help take the burden of a career search off of you. Job hunting can itself become a full-time job. If you are still in your current position and just looking for a change, you may not have the time to effectively source, apply to, and interview for job openings. Sales recruiters know the industry extremely well, and they will help screen openings, so you only apply for the best options, and they often have tips on how to interview with a particular company.


How Do I Find a Sales Recruiter?


You can search online to see if there are any sales recruiter firms near you. However, many recruitment agencies are not bound by location and can help you no matter where you live. You can find recommendations online or professional resources like LinkedIn. Before deciding on a recruiter, check their website for testimonials to make sure you’re choosing the best. 


10 Reasons How a Sales Recruiter Can Advance Your Career


If you still need a little convincing, here are 10 reasons how a sales recruiter can advance your career. 


They Know the Industry


Because recruiters work so closely with sales agencies, they are familiar with the ins and outs of how the industry works. They know what companies are hiring and what positions are available now or in the future. This is useful information that can only come from a recruiter. 


They Have Access to Jobs That Will Never Be on the Market


So how do companies fill that 80% of jobs that aren’t being posted? They’re probably using recruiters for these jobs. Often, positions that are still currently occupied or new to an organization will not be advertised publicly and are usually filled with candidates already in a database. 


They Have Company Insight


Since retained recruiters spend a significant amount of time with sales agencies, they have deep insights into the company that aren’t usually known publicly. This information can be helpful for giving you an edge against other candidates competing for the same position. 


Their Reputation Gives You Credibility


Assuming you are qualified for the job, a recruiter can help you get an interview passed on their relationships with sales agencies and insight into how those companies work. They can advocate for you, which is more meaningful than what is in your resume.


They Will Improve Your Interview Skills


While you are working with a recruiter, you will become better prepared for the interview process because they will know exactly what your prospective employer’s interview process is like. You will not necessarily be coached on what the interviewer wants to hear, but a recruiter can help you prepare for the interview in a way that showcases your skills and accomplishments. 


They Save You Time


Searching for a job and going through the screening process can be extremely time consuming. When you work with a recruiter, they are the ones reaching out to sales agencies and spending time matching your skills and experience with career opportunities. 


They Help You Highlight Your Most Relevant Skill Set


You likely have a great deal of experience in sales to draw on when showcasing your work. A sales recruiter can help you pull out the most relevant pieces of experience to the role you’re seeking and highlight this in applications and resumes. 


They Job Hunt for You


Recruiters are constantly in contact with hiring companies and are your source of information when a role becomes available. You’ll be able to remain employed in your current position and only be contacted when the recruiter has a position that lines up with your career goals. 


They Help You Negotiate


When it is time to negotiate the arrangements for your new role, your recruiter will be the liaison between you and your new employer. They can research market comparisons and common compensation packages for roles at your level. This will help both you and the employer negotiate a fair and effective compensation plan. 


They Provide Support During Onboarding


A great sales recruiter will prepare you for the first few days of your job by supporting you through the onboarding phase to make sure you are getting comfortable in your role. This is a great time for you to share any feedback with the recruiter.


Should I Contact a Sales Recruiter First or Wait for Them to Contact Me?


If you are interested in starting a search for a new position, there is no harm in reaching out to a sales recruiter first. You can simply call or email the recruiting agency and give a quick summary of what you’re looking for, and they can help you figure out the best path forward.


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