We are a flexible workforce solutions provider to Series B funded startups, VC and PE firms, SaaS, brands, agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.

Technology Recruiting

The global technology market is growing at lightning speed and many companies are facing an evolving business landscape. To help meet the demands of a technology-enabled culture, business leaders are increasingly turning to strategic machine learning to guide the right outcomes for the business.

Our clients utilize Talentfoot’s tech recruiting services to build a strong technical unit for emerging and converging technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure. From CTOs to Software Engineers, Talentfoot can recruit, develop, and fortify your technology team.

Functions and positions we serve:

Chief Technology Officer

From collaboration to production, use your technical vision and market expertise to formulate unique strategies for all IT and technology systems within an organization.

VP Technology

Plan the future of information technology for an organization.

Director of Technology

Deploy new systems, services, policies and initiatives as it relates to information technology.

Software Engineer

Study information needs and apply your engineering techniques to the design, develop, and install software solutions for a company.

Cyber Security

Identify abnormalities and safeguard information systems by protecting data and regularly updating security software.

IT Systems Analyst

Enhance system compatibility and ensure infrastructures and hardware platforms are functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible.

DevOps Engineer

Master the software development lifecycle and collaborate with developers and IT professionals to oversee code releases and implement automated management programs.


Build an app, program, network, or underlying system that help power an organization.

Backend Developer (AZURE, AWS)

Be the brain of a website. Create and improve server-side applications and processes that help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user.

AI Engineer

Build, test, and deploy the right AI models by applying cognitive computing APIs and machine learning technologies.

AI Manager

Transform a business strategy by helping design the data-pipeline and requirements needed for AI programmers to deploy AI systems and products.

AI Specialist

Analyze how the human mind operates and work closely with engineers and programmers to develop operating software that can be used for artificial intelligence applications.

Machine Learning Engineer

Enable machines and systems to take action without direction by producing tailor-made AI solutions and understanding machine learning algorithms.

Cloud Infrastructure

Architect, develop and operate cloud computing systems that are highly secure and produce high-performing solutions.

Business Analysts

Hire agile business analysts to guide organizations in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis.

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