We are a flexible workforce solutions provider to Series B funded startups, VC and PE firms, SaaS, brands, agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.

An Exclusive, Invite-Only C-Suite Network

Representing the most proven leaders, meticulously vetted for their ability to fuel revenue acceleration.

About Indigo, Our C-Suite Network Poised to Disrupt Executive Search

The Network

Indigo is our exclusive, invite-only C-suite network that is poised to disrupt executive search. We grant hiring teams access to the country’s most coveted executives on one platform. Aggressive growth-oriented organizations can shop our exclusive network of leaders meticulously vetted for their ability to drive top-line growth.

The Executives

Indigo’s complimentary services connect today’s most accomplished leaders with the country’s most coveted career, advisory, board and networking opportunities. These are proven C-Suite leaders who have been invited into the network because they have been at the center of truly accelerating revenue for organizations, most of which are preparing for an exit. When the stakes are high, we bring the best of the best together, elevating companies to new heights by unlocking access to a highly sought-after competitive pool of executive talent. If you see yourself reflected in Indigo’s vision, apply to join the ranks of our elite C-Suite network. You will be taking the next step toward a career and legacy defining future.

The Time

Companies choose Indigo when they are not ready to commit to a traditional, time intensive executive search effort. Other times, leadership teams review Indigo members to compare them to an internal candidate or finalist they identified. Outside of a C-Suite search, organizations turn to Indigo when they need access to highly qualified advisors or board members based on industry experience.

The New Approach to C-Suite Search

We are setting a new standard. We lift our clients to new heights by granting them access to a competitive pool of executive talent.

Shop the Network

With Indigo, hiring teams unlock immediate access to top talent, with our non-biased approach to search. Instead of the traditional 8–12-week process, after an intake, we market your job to our curated network. You will quickly receive a shortlist of candidates to consider and interview, all at a controlled cost.

Retained C-Suite Search

For nuanced, highly specific C-Suite searches, Indigo provides white-glove retained search. You receive access to a top candidate slate after we conduct in-depth research, lengthy vetting, calibration and narrow a vast pool of talent down. This process typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Insights that Drive Competitive Advantage

Digital-centric businesses – from Series B funded startups to Fortune 50, private equity & venture capital firms, advertising and marketing agencies, and SaaS providers – rely on Indigo for our unparalleled access to industry trailblazers. Our Indigo Agents are advisors to the C-Suite and can provide a range of services, from Board membership, consultation, to hands-on support. Hiring teams browse through our talent, select their ideal candidates, meet and assess the leaders, and select their next advisory or board member – for one flat fee. Button: Hire your next leader

Executive Search for the C-Suite

We bring the best of the best together.

About Indigo, Our C-Suite Recruitment Services

Representing Talentfoot’s next great leap forward, Indigo is our exclusive, invite-only C-suite membership platform and the first of its kind to leverage matchmaking, executive search and advisory services in one space. When you select Indigo for a C-Suite search, you unlock access to established and rising stars in their respective fields.

C-Suite Search for High Growth Companies

We are setting a new standard. We lift our clients to new heights by granting them access to a competitive pool of executive talent.


C-Suite searches represent our premier service model. Every search includes a fully dedicated recruiting team, researchers, and utilization of our entire search toolkit. By matching our members of C-Suite creators, disruptors and changemakers with critical positions at high-growth digital-centric companies, we are bringing the best of the best together and elevating companies to new heights.

Invaluable Insight

High growth organizations need to make smart decisions. When it comes to the gravity of making significant investments, you understand the pivotal role of hard data, sage counsel, and informed decision-making. Our Indigo advisors are the key to this competitive edge.

Executive Members

We match our members with the country’s most coveted jobs, advisory, board and networking opportunities, and employers with an exclusive network of leaders meticulously vetted for their track record of driving top-line growth. Think you have what it takes? Apply here.