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As the eCommerce industry continues to boom due to the convenience and efficiency for consumers, the influx of digital sales will continue to rise and eCommerce practices will expand. Talentfoot is the premier and dedicated eCommerce recruiter you need to build a world-class eCommerce team.

As your partner in eCommerce recruiting, Talent foot will work diligently to identify the top eCommerce talent that is both well qualified and well suited for your team. Having the right eCommerce talent is absolutely vital to helping you achieve your revenue and growth goals, as well as to make a tremendous impact on your business.

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Chief Digital Officer

Your Chief Digital Officer is the eCommerce professional you should turn to in order to navigate the new way of doing things in today’s mobile first and highly digital eCommerce world. Your Chief Digital Officer should bring a bold sense of vision to the table while being able to effectively and successfully drive digital innovation and transformation across your entire business.

This is the eCommerce professional that will lead the overall structure and strategy of your eCommerce team, therefore they need to be a capable and proven leader that has experience leading a diverse group of eCommerce professionals while implementing the necessary eCommerce strategies your business needs to be successful in the online marketplace.

VP of eCommerce

Serving directly below your Chief Digital Officer is your Vice President of eCommerce. This eCommerce professional will manage your online consumer experience and lead the development and execution of your eCommerce strategy to improve digital sales.

While your Chief Digital Officer is more an eCommerce strategist, your VP of eCommerce will be more directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of your eCommerce team, especially for your director and senior level eCommerce professionals.

Director of eCommerce

Your Director of eCommerce will work cross-functionally to evaluate, strategize, develop, manage, implement, and test eCommerce content plans, campaigns, and all of your organization’s eCommerce initiatives.

While your VP of eCommerce will be responsible for managing your organization’s director and senior level eCommerce professionals, your Director of eCommerce will be in charge of your manager and non-managerial eCommerce professionals.

eCommerce Marketing Manager

Your eCommerce Marketing Manager is a vital part of your eCommerce leadership team. They will be responsible for driving your digital transactions by developing marketing plans to promote your company’s products and services online and monitoring all e-commerce strategies that are being implemented.

Pricing Analyst

Your Pricing Analyst is one of your essential, non-managerial ecommerce professionals. They are responsible for the day-to-day breakdown of your complex data sets that are needed to recommend target prices for your business offerings and to gain market share and achieve revenue goals.

Web Merchandising

Your Web Merchandising is another core non-managerial eCommerce professional that will enable your organization to improve your customer conversion and impact sales by positioning the right product, in the right place, at the right time and price.

AWS Manager

Rounding out your eCommerce team is your AWS Manager. This is a specialized eCommerce role focused on Amazon, the largest eCommerce platform. Your AWS manager will make sure your products are offered in the right way on Amazon’s marketplace. They will be responsible for carrying out Amazon’s strategic marketing plans through roles across various fields including IT, product marketing, creative, partnerships, campaign management, sales, and more.

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