We are a flexible workforce solutions provider to Series B funded startups, VC and PE firms, SaaS, brands, agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.

What Our Hiring Teams Say

Learn what it is like to partner with Talentfoot.

Your team listened very carefully to our brief, and provided us only with candidates who are highly qualified and highly motivated. You didn’t just throw a bunch of names in our face and make us do the work. We were very satisfied with the candidates we interviewed and ultimately thrilled with the one we have hired. 

- Ben Macklowe, Owner

Macklowe Gallery

I saw a really strong bench of candidates based on the intake we completed and ended up selecting 2 for separate needs as a result.

- Danielle. SVP, Client Experience


Talentfoot communicated our story to candidates, rather than acting like yet another transactional recruiting studio.

- Ryan, Chief Digital Officer

Diversy Fund

I saw a really strong bench of candidates based on the intake we completed and ended up selecting two for separate needs as a result.

- Danielle Mahoney, SVP, Client Experience


Really enjoy working with Talentfoot, it's been a great partnership for Tinuiti!

- Jen, Garrison Chief People Officer


Professional, astute--sought to understand our business, culture (and our personality!)

- Bonnie Schirato, VP, People & Culture

Tivity Health

Talentfoot was really helpful and supportive throughout the process. I had some bad history with flaky or pushy recruiters, but you were an amazing advocate throughout every stage of the process.

- Melissa Sions, Insights and Analytics Manager


Your team really listened to our needs and probed when things weren’t clear or consistent. You also suggested changes to our process which ended up working better for us.

- Dan Mintz, CEO

Walker Advertising

Talentfoot has a deep understanding of the marketing needs of today's business environment, identify great candidates, assess their capabilities and follow-up to finalize the search.

- Matt Kinnich, CEO, FMT

FMT solutions

Talentfoot was able to generate great talent quickly for a critical role at Epsilon. I appreciated your proactive communication style and truly taking the time to understand the profile we were looking to hire, leading to strong candidate pipeline and a quick time to fill.

- Daryl Rappe, Senior Director, Talent Acquisiton


Your team was awesome. You thoroughly understood the role and the company he presented me to. You were always available and quick to find answers for me. It’s not easy to come by great executive recruiters and you are definitely one of the best!

- Ginger Camilleri, VP People Business Partners


Your team took the time to understand my skills and explain them to the client. After the client pivoted my role and wanted more interviews, you were beyond patient with both sides. I felt that you were advocating for me to be happy, which was really cool of Talentfoot.

- Thomas, Associate Director, Product Operations