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Digital Recruitment

As you know, digital business is changing fast and sometimes unpredictably. Digital marketers are charged with figuring out how to best reach their audience with human habits changing, platforms evolving, and new platforms coming into existence. That’s why you need a premier digital recruitment firm in your corner.

The significance of digital transformation will continue to intensify in the future, so you need a digital recruitment partner in order for your brand and your agency clients to stay relevant. The right digital recruitment partner can help you build an all-star digital media team that is inclusive of social media, search engine marketing, performance marketing, brand marketing and ecommerce, and voice experts. From Chief Media Officer to Vice President of Media to Advertising Operations Specialist and everyone in between, Talentfoot is the premier digital recruitment firm you need to build an all-start digital marketing team

Vice President of Media

Re-invent digital and traditional media marketing and lead data-driven media plans to deliver competitive program performance.

Vice President of Social Media

Create ground-breaking social media communications strategies fortifying brand relevance and increasing consumer engagement.

Director of Media

Increase public interest by managing all stages involved in designing and implementing a thoughtful media campaign.

Director of Social Media

Implement an engagement strategy to connect with current and potential customers through mainstream social media networks and emerging channels as well.

Digital Innovation Director

Identify emerging technologies and innovations and provide a unique form of creative advisory to leadership or clients, driving content-led, integrated digital advertising solutions.

Digital Innovation Manager

Blend data-driven insights, storytelling and technology, to implement a digital transformation strategy that will rapidly accelerate business growth.

Campaign Manager

Foster and grow relationships by owning campaign management and producing unrivaled performance and service.

Media Operations Manager

Support the day-to-day performance of custom media campaigns and large-scale projects across various internal and external teams.

Ad Operations Manager

Ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the systems of advertising functions to enable a seamless management of campaigns.

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