We are a flexible workforce solutions provider to Series B funded startups, VC and PE firms, SaaS, brands, agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.

Public Relations and Communications Recruiting

Public relations and communications play an integral role in how your vision is presented, processed, and perceived by your intended audience. Talentfoot’s pr recruiters make it possible for you to find forward thinking communications and public relations talent to protect your public image and elevate your brand.

We know how important the right talent is in order for organizations to stay informed of emerging technologies and changing consumer perceptions. That is why Talentfoot pr recruiters make it a priority to stay current with industry insights and knowledge to unite world-class talent for every business need. Types of positions we assist organizations with include: VP of Communications, VP of Public Relations, Director of Communications, Director of Public Relations, Director of Earned & Owned, and Public Relations Manager.

VP of Communications

Oversee brand reputation and drive all internal and external messaging strategies for an organization and its leadership.

VP of Public Relations

Develop a strategy for all external messaging that is consistent and reflects the organization’s vision and directly drives business growth.

Director of Communications

Impact the perception of a company and control the cascade of information between an organization and the public.

Director of Public Relations

Create and uphold a positive public image through storytelling, crisis management, a cultivativation of meaningful relationships, industry events and more.

Public Relations Manager

Develop and direct the curation of material that will maintain or advance the public image of an organization or client.

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