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6 Ways For Successful Digital Marketing Recruitment

To be successful in the digital marketing world, you need to hone in on your recruiting strategy. From temp and contract-to-hire positions all the way up to your Director and Marketing Executive talent, you need to make sure you hire the best talent for the right roles.

Having a digital marketing recruitment agency on your team can be highly beneficial to your recruiting strategy. They will likely be able to recruit top-notch digital marketing talent faster than if your team does it alone.

But the best results often come from a combined effort between your in-house HR or recruiting team and your digital marketing recruiting partner. So in that spirit, here are the 6 best tips and tricks for a successful digital marketing recruitment process from our team of digital marketing recruitment experts.

Know Your Company 

First, it’s important to know your company – what you’re hiring for and the skills sets needed – before you start the digital marketing recruitment process. The more knowledge you have about your company and what it takes to be successful in the role, the easier it will be to identify good candidates during the digital marketing recruitment process.

Create a Compelling Job Description

Once you know what your company needs in digital marketing talent, create a compelling job description tailored specifically to digital marketers. This will allow potential candidates to disqualify themselves if they are not a fit for that specific role, while enticing the right candidates to apply. 

Keywords matter – especially when recruiting top talent – so make sure you use the right ones that will cull out unqualified or unwanted applicants while attracting top digital marketing talent.

Post on The Right Job Boards

Make sure you’re getting in front of your target audience, even if it means posting your open positions on a few different sites. Each site has its own unique audience, so be sure to post on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and others, but not all at once. Start with 1-2 sites and focus your efforts there before moving to the next one.

Look for Candidates Everywhere 

Don’t forget about other places where candidates may reside like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even forums like Quora. They may not apply – but they could – and you’ll never know if you don’t look for them!

Reach Out 

Don’t wait for the right digital marketing candidate to find your role – reach out to them directly. These people are motivated. That’s why they’re job hunting. So let them know how great working at your company can be (and why it matters). 

Ask interested candidates to complete a quick survey about what they are looking for in their next role. This will give you insight into what’s important to them – both work-wise and life-wise. It will help you to better understand their values and motivators which can ultimately help drive better candidate leads and hiring results over time. 

Lastly, consider the incentives you are offering your candidates. While they may not make or break a hire, they can definitely help, especially for contract-to-hire digital marketing roles.

Follow Up

It’s important to follow up with both your passive and active candidate leads as they might need some encouragement or incentive before coming on board. Remember that you have everything to gain by following up, so don’t let the perfect candidate slip away. Even if it takes months of courtship, an excited new employee makes all of the legwork worth it.

Hire a Digital Marketing Recruiting Expert

When you combine these 6 tips with a top-notch digital marketing recruiter like Talentfoot, you are sure to have a successful digital marketing recruitment process. Our boutique size allows us to provide you with exceptional personal service without sacrificing a deep pool of digital marketing talent. Contact us today to Hire Today.