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Digital Recruitment: Definition & Strategies

Digital Recruitment: Definition & Strategies

Digital recruitment is the process of recruiting top digital talent for your company. When you need to fill digital talent needs like digital marketing, social media management, and eCommerce – you need digital recruitment strategies. The right digital recruitment agency will help you find the right tech talent when you need them.

Digital recruitment agencies work on a few different search methods including retained, engaged, contingency, and staffing. Let’s take a look at each of these search methods. 


A retained digital recruitment search is tailored towards recruiting critical digital marketing executive hires. It’s also used for finding positions that require a high level of confidentiality or urgency. 


Engaged digital recruitment searches are recommended for recruiting digital talent for positions that are challenging to fill due to unique job requirements, geographic location, or high urgency.


When you need to fast track your digital recruitment process, you need a contingency search. This type of digital recruitment search is ideal for critical hires for which you are prepared to begin conducting interviews immediately. 


Digital recruitment staffing is best for quickly hiring remote or on-site technology talent for positions that do not require confidentiality and with a yearly salary of less than $100K. 

Need a Digital Recruitment Partner?

Whether your tech talent needs are confidential and urgent or routine and common, Talentfoot is the digital recruitment partner you need. We can find the right talent for your vacancies and on your time schedule. Our pool of vetted and proven talent is prepared to add value to your company immediately. Contact us today to Hire Today.