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Ecommerce Recruiter: Recruiting Tips & Trends For Your Ecommerce Businesses

The ecommerce industry is booming and the recent trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased online sales exponentially. This means that top ecommerce talent is in hot demand. If you are looking to expand your ecommerce business then you need to work with a skilled, punctual, and heavily connected ecommerce recruiter. 

An ecommerce recruiter can help you find talent and help you create an effective hiring process that starts with a thorough interview for candidates.

Beyond working with an ecommerce recruiter, implementing automation can streamline your hiring process.

Here are a couple tips for ecommerce recruiting to help you hire better talent.


Interview Questions

Your ecommerce recruiter should send over candidates that have already been thoroughly vetted to make sure they fit your needs, but you should also plan to interview them yourself. This will cement your confidence in their fit as well as your confidence in your ecommerce recruiter. 

Here’s what you should ask the candidates that your ecommerce recruiter sends over.


What’s Your Assumption of What Our Company Does and How You Might Fit Into This Role?

A good candidate will do their research into your organization beyond what your ecommerce recruiter has already told them. This question is the best way to see just how invested they are in the position. If they really want it, they will have done their research. They will know what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. If they’re LinkedIn savy, they will have looked up your current team members in the role they are interviewing for to see what kind of background they have and what they do for your company.


Why Are You on the Job Market?

They’re leaving their old job for a reason. Finding out exactly what that reason is will shine a light on what they are expecting from their next position.

The candidate might also be partnering with your ecommerce recruiter to get back to work after a personal leave of absence from having a kid or caring for an elderly parent. Your ecommerce recruiter should already have this information if that’s the case but it would be beneficial to hear it from them.   


Salary Expectations

Ah. The big one. What are they looking to make and does it fit into your budget? Transparency is the best play here. Don’t play the game of “no, you go first” chicken. Tell them exactly what you are looking to pay the person you hire and ask them if that works for them. When you lead with your firm and best offer, you can completely skip the negotiation part.

Your ecommerce recruiter should know the salary expectations for each candidate they send to you which can help the salary discussion go smoothly.


Efficient Hiring Automation

No need to email back and forth or play phone tag with your candidates to schedule interviews or submit paperwork. There are automation tools for that.

Calendar apps like Calendly can allow your candidates to schedule their interview with you when it works best for them by selecting a time that you are available. Apps like DocHub and PandaDoc can help you facilitate collecting and filing the necessary paperwork from your candidates electronically and remotely. 

Your ecommerce recruiter should be well versed in hiring automation tools and is a good resource for HR software recommendations.


Using TalentFoot As Your Ecommerce Recruiter

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