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Human Resources Executive Search Firm

In the digital age, advanced technology is a requirement for a competitive advantage. But oftentimes, Human Resources is one of the last business units to adopt digital innovation and automation, despite how critical transformation is for the entire business. At the same time, more and more is asked of Human Resources executives, from talent acquisition to artificial intelligence, training to cultural transformation, performance management to work-life balance.

A Human Resources executive search firm can help find the elite talent to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. From a Director of Human Resources to your Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Talentfoot can recruit, develop, and fortify your HR team.

Chief Human Resources Officer

An exceptional Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) has never been more important to a successful organization. This leader is part of the executive team and responsible for an organization's employees. The CHRO owns a businesses’ human capital management and other HR technology systems. They set the overall strategy and direction of people programs, culture, structure, policies, and employee engagement.

Chief People Officer

As companies continue to recognize the value of, and emphasize the employee experience, they are hiring Chief People Officers. This somewhat new executive position is responsible for managing the strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals.

Vice President of Human Resources

Serving just below a Chief Human Resources Officer is the Vice President of Human Resources. The VP of HR needs to be highly skilled at leading a diverse team of human resources professionals as well as capable of developing, implementing, and leading a HR strategy, tactics, and programs.

Head of Talent

No matter if it is an employer or employee-driven market, a Head of Talent plays a critical role in the growth of any organization. This leader owns an organization’s talent acquisition strategy. They primarily focus on the talent pools of executives, managers, and team leaders.

Director of HR

Below a Human Resources VP is the Director of Human Resources. This strategic leader needs to be skilled in planning, leading, directing, developing, and coordinating the policies, activities, and staff of the HR department.

Director of Talent Acquisition

This leader owns the full recruitment process, from sourcing to hire, for all positions across the organization. A Director of Talent Acquisition often plays an important role in employee retention – ensuring a low attrition rate.

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