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The business of marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Marketing roles continue to evolve as consumer needs change, leading to expanded digital marketing recruitment needs in addition to traditional marketing roles. From Marketing Managers to the CMO, Talentfoot can recruit, develop, and fortify your marketing team.

In an ever-changing marketing world, we understand your marketing team needs to be able to change with it. Our marketing recruitment services were created to help you find professionals who are passionate about career development and are dedicated to the challenge of demanding roles, guiding your company to next level success.

Chief Marketing Officer

Oversee the planning, development and execution of an organization’s marketing and advertising strategy and operations to create profitable growth.

VP of Marketing

Develop and lead strategy, tactics and marketing programs to create interest, recognition and loyalty through the use of various online and offline channels, while ensuring a consistent marketing positioning.

VP of Digital Marketing

Lead a team of digital marketing professionals in the development, planning, execution and analysis of all interactive, social and innovative marketing initiatives and solutions.

VP of Product Marketing

A VP of product marketing is an expert at developing and delivering cutting-edge strategies for new and existing company products and market-leading solutions. VP of product is a true cross-functional leader, bringing the organization together to drive revenue growth and lasting value.

Marketing Director

Generate a highly effective, fully integrated marketing strategy for the business, target consumers using an agile approach, and surpass goals on time and under budget.

Product Marketing Director

With extensive experience in product marketing, a product marketing director will be responsible for collaborating with various teams to develop the marketing initiatives and tactics to raise awareness for a company’s offerings in the market.

Digital Marketing Manager

Using emerging technologies, a digital marketing manager plays a key role in developing extremely compelling digital campaigns across search, social media and display advertising.

SEO Manager

One of the most sought-after skills in digital marketing is a search expert. Data-driven and willing to take on the challenge of algorithms, an SEO manager helps coordinate all search engine marketing programs for clients.

Omnichannel Marketing

Using technology platforms, omnichannel marketing managers are brilliant at creating seamless shopping experiences across customer-facing channels. Personalize consumer journeys, provide insights for both processes and tools and identify new opportunities to deepen engagement.

Director of Market Research

With defined business goals in place, a director of market research oversees a team of researchers, gathering information about a market segment to help drive all marketing efforts and reach the big-picture goals.

Performance Marketing

If you have a keen interest in navigating paid marketing channels and know exactly how to invest ad dollars where they produce the best results, a job in performance marketing is for you.

Research & Development

From the initial planning phase to implementation or production, roles in research and development are endless. Find research and development jobs in fields like healthcare, technology, business, and pharmaceuticals.

Marketing Manager

While duties may vary by company and industry, the main responsibilities of a marketing manager is to research, and assess the demand for a product or service and develop promotional campaigns and strategies to successfully achieve marketing objectives.

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