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Four Ways to Unplug on the 4th

Let’s take a break.  

Over the past few months, we’ve been pushing ourselves to work harder while we take care of our families and protect our bodies from a global pandemic.  

I think we can all agree, we deserve some time off.  

The Fourth of July holiday weekend couldn’t get here soon enough.  

Put work on the back burner, escape from your children, and take some of these suggestions to give yourself some much-earned “me time.”  

Four Ways to Unplug During a Stressful Time 

Read a book. 

First, the ground rules. Don’t force yourself to slog through an entire novel. We recommend a book of short stories that can take your mind away from everything without committing to five hundred pagesCheckout Me Talk Pretty One Day by comedian and humorist David Sedaris. You don’t have to read every chapter. A few minutes alone with the book will give a lighthearted escape.  

Listen to a podcast. 

There is a podcast on every topic under the sun. Sure, you can find some diving into politics or the state of the global economy. But you’re not touching current events this weekend. You are going to listen to an episode about a personal passion point of yours that does not drive stress, perhaps fashion, sports, or fiction. Want to immerse yourself in an addicting story? Try Gimlet Media’s Homecoming. This fictional series is the story of a caseworker at a re-entry facility for American soldiers…and we won’t give away anything else of this twisty thriller. 

Take a sip. 

What better way to enjoy the heat and humidity than with a cool beverage? Try your hand at cocktail mixing by watching a simple YouTube tutorialIf alcohol isn’t your thing, mocktails are equally refreshing and delicious. You can learn to make one of these tasty drinks on YouTube too.  

Negotiate some personal freedom.  

Are your kids around more than ever? If you are anything like us, you need some quiet time without a teenager’s sarcastic commentary or a toddler’s tantrum. It’s time to make a deal with your partner. The July Fourth holiday is usually family-time. Well, most of us have spent the past several months in very close quarters with our families.  

Go outside and sit in silence. Observe nature. Take a hike. Be alone for the first time in months.

There’s no need to feel guilty. There’s no need to second-guess the choice to step away. Work out a compromise with your partner to trade childcare duties. If you don’t have kids and want to spend time in solitude alone, advocate for yourself.  

No matter what you decide to do this long week, we suggest you make yourself a priority. It’s about time.