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Unlock Leadership Potential

A Critical Assessment for Critical Times

Today’s leaders face high failure rates. Most of it isn’t due to hard skills – it’s the soft skills and relationship management that cause otherwise qualified leaders to fall short. And when leaders face unexpected and staggering challenges (think: pandemic, recession), those soft skills are crucial to success.

Talentfoot practitioners use the Hogan Personality Assessment to take a dive deep into how a leader will work, lead, and achieve success. This tool gives the leader the ability to leverage personality-based strengths and adjust to reduce any career-limiting personality-based tendencies.

The hour-long assessment consists of three reports. Leaders receive a one-on-one coaching session, and a thorough understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and underlying motivators. Armed with this knowledge, executives will understand how to use their personality traits to excel in the workplace.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

  • Identify strengths, opportunities for improvement, and values
  • Use personality traits to increase productivity
  • Create individual development plans
  • Pinpoint blind spots
  • Determine opportunities to work better with direct reports and supervisors
  • Predict workplace performance under pressure
  • Gain insight into how you approach challenges and think critically

Drive Results
Research shows that high performing executives add $25 million in value compared to mediocre performers.

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Efficient and Effective
While many assessments can take hours of time and require in-person meetings, after just three 20 minute online sessions which can be done independently from one another, executives receive a comprehensive report useful for years to come.

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