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5 Mistakes When Hiring Saas Sales Recruiters

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What type of jobs consistently has the greatest number of LinkedIn posts? You probably won’t be surprised to hear that it was sales. Over the past two years, SaaS sales talent has been in the highest demand from our clients.  

Proven sales talent is always highly sought after. According to LinkedIn, “Even before COVID, roles in sales and software often ranked among the most in-demand, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that — perhaps because many of these employees can work effectively from home.”  

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This function remains a critical part of every business. In a survey of more than 40,000 worldwide employers, Manpower Group found sales and marketing are the second most in-demand roles globally. 

Of that subgroup of sales and marketing professionals, SaaS is equally on the rise. Software as a Service is becoming the predominant network of technologies for businesses and consumers. From games to CRMs to music services, SaaS touches every part of American life.

Why SaaS Sales?

Software as a service remains extremely popular. 

In 2021, venture capital invested $94B into SaaS companies.  And it’s estimated that by 2025, 85% of business apps will be SaaS-based.

In fact, McKinsey recommends SaaS as a vehicle for revenue growth, “We know from our previous work that one of the most important factors in driving growth is operating in a sector or area that’s growing. SaaS checks that box. The global SaaS market is currently worth about $3 trillion, and our estimates indicate it could surge to $10 trillion by 2030.”

With many employees working remotely, SaaS tools are more prevalent than ever. Companies need talented sellers to bring these products to customers. 

But securing A-players is easier said than done. With such a large talent pool, many organizations use SaaS sales recruiters to secure new employees. 

If you are ready to work with outside search, don’t make these mistakes. 

Mistake #1: New to SaaS 

Not all recruiters are created equally. Hire someone experienced in finding talent specifically for sales and SaaS providers. If you can’t find SaaS sales recruiters, you must work with someone experienced in technology. They need to speak the lingo and understand your product and offerings inside and out. If the recruiter does not get your business, they will not be able to accurately portray your mission, position in the marketplace, and differentiators to potential employees who have no reason to make a change.  

Ask your recruiter:  

  • What tech clients have you worked with in the past and do you have references?
  • Tell me, in your own words, what service my business provides.  
  • What makes a successful SaaS seller?  
  • What track record of success should we require in this hire?  

Mistake #2: No Process

How will your SaaS sales recruiters find your new employee? When you interview your potential headhunter, ask for a step-by-step process in writing.  

Ask your recruiter 

  • When will I see candidates?  
  • Who do you recommend participating in interviews?  
  • How and where will the recruiter promote your opening?  
  • How has your interview process changed since COVID?  

In our experience, an executive search without a process is like a road trip without Google Maps: extremely challenging.   

Mistake #3: Empty Toolbox

In addition to a process, your recruiter needs the tools to promote your job and qualify candidates. At Talentfoot, we use interview scorecards to standardize the interview process. This tool enables the interviewers to make objective hiring decisions. We use a numerical system to provide a concrete assessment of candidates. This also gives each interviewer only one aspect of the hiring process on which to focus.  

Ask your recruiter  

  • How will they attract passive candidates to your SaaS sales job? 
  • What pitch will lure a prospective hire to consider switching jobs?  

If your recruiting partner doesn’t have an answer to these questions, you may be selecting the wrong firm. 

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Mistake #4: Crickets

Similar to other relationships with a vendor, an external executive recruiter must communicate with their client regularly. We recommend scheduled status calls to discuss the state of the search. Depending on the seniority and importance of the hire, a calibration call may be necessary to carefully examine the pipeline of talent. If your recruiter doesn’t respond to emails, phone calls or texts, they are likely not a good fit. 

Ask your potential SaaS sales recruiter:

  • How often will you update me on the search? 
  • How will we communicate during the search? 

Mistake #5: Zero Marketing

Recruitment marketing is transforming executive search. Social media, email marketing, and SEO unlock a larger talent pool than traditional headhunting. There are many new avenues for SaaS sales recruiters to use to identify the top talent for their clients. 

Ask your recruiter:

  • What marketing channels do you use to promote open positions? 
  • Do you use client names when promoting jobs? 

The Right Partner

You probably know how expensive it is to make the wrong hire (use this calculator from BuiltIn to determine the exact amount it costs your business). Securing top talent starts with an experienced recruiter who understands your business and has a thorough game plan to get your top choice to accept the position.  

Do you need help hiring SaaS sales talent? Contact us and we can produce your game plan to bring strong sellers onto your team.