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Recruitment Marketing for the Digital Age: a Definitive Guide

If you want to attract and hire top digital talent to your company, then you need to devise a recruitment marketing strategy. What is recruitment marketing, you ask? It’s how your digital recruitment agency not only identifies the right digital talent for your company, but how they attract them to your company so that you can hire them. This process of identifying and attracting prospective talent is how you build your talent acquisition funnel, and the recruitment marketing strategy covers the first 3 stages of this process – awareness, consideration, interest. These are the three main components to recruitment marketing and we will cover each of them in this blog. 

So let’s get to it. 


The first step is to raise company awareness, either among the local population or specific target talent demographics. By raising brand awareness, your digital marketing headhunter is effectively telling people who your business is and what you are about. Brands with strong visuals that can easily be shared through social media channels score high in awareness. 

What physical resources do you need to raise brand awareness? Digital marketing headhunters would suggest strong social media profiles, along with an attractive website that includes well-written copy. Words are your ammunition, use them well. When your digital marketing headhunter has written compelling copy for you, it doesn’t just raise awareness of your company, it also builds trust and authority which will influence your prospective candidate’s consideration process.


The consideration phase is all about taking the next step in the hiring funnel. Now that someone knows who you are and what your business does, they might want to find out more before they become a candidate. This will involve looking at what other past and present employees have said about their experience with your business via online reviews, so it’s important to monitor these and make sure they are positive. This is where your digital marketing headhunter comes into play, monitoring online reviews and addressing negative feedback quickly. 

What other things should you be doing during the consideration stage? Ensure your website looks good on mobile devices. And finally, ensure that all of your social media pages have a consistent look and feel to them too. 


Interest means that a person has taken a real liking to what you do and wants to find out more before making a decision. During this phase potential candidates will likely reach out to your digital recruitment agency to learn about open positions and the details of those positions – responsibilities, management level, direct reports, working hours and location, and most importantly, salary. 

In order to convert this interest into actual hires, your digital recruitment agency will provide your future employees with a positive experience before passing them on to you. This is key in ensuring that they stay interested and reach the final stage of the hiring funnel – conversion i.e. hired. 

Need Help With Your Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is often too heavy and involved for your HR team to take on, and especially too much for you to take on as an executive if you do not already have an internal HR team. Luckily, TalentFoot is well-equipped to help you with your recruitment marketing. We are well-versed in how to effectively find top digital talent for your agency and we likely already have the perfect match in our deep digital talent pool. Contact us today to learn more and to start your search.