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Revenue Accelerators 101 – Attracting and Evaluating Top Talent for Growth-Boosting Success

What’s next for the U.S. and global economy? Read three news sources, and you’ll get three very different answers. What we do know is that we’re facing uncertain economic times, and with a potential recession ahead, hiring teams are asking us to find revenue accelerators now more than ever.  

Companies are looking for the right talent to reach growth objectives, but it’s easier said than done to identify the best. Revenue accelerators – people who help increase revenue through their exceptional skills – are key to organizational growth and stability in today’s economic climate.  

As leaders and hiring teams, it’s essential to have a strategy in place for attracting top talent and then evaluating these candidates effectively.  

Let’s take a deep dive – from understanding what it takes to attract the best, to forming a strategic plan for selection. Read on to learn how to hire the people that drive growth.

How to Attract Revenue Accelerators

In today’s economy, revenue accelerators are highly sought-after individuals whom organizations compete to attract. You can make your organization more attractive to these individuals by being very clear about who your company is looking for and what they need to achieve in the role.  

To find the true talent that can drive growth, you need to state it upfront. Don’t hide behind flowery language in a job description.  

To capture attention and interest, make sure you complete these steps. 

  1. Revenue Accelerators Only. Emphasize in the job description that this role is all about accelerating revenue. Use clear and concise language to describe job requirements and qualifications, highlighting skills and experiences. 
  2. Specific Goals. Paint a picture of what kind of growth and KPI success should look like by including specifics such as percentages or milestones in the job description.  
  3. Give it a Growth Title. Market it as a position that drives growth. Use KPIs and percentages across promotional materials and social media posts so potential employees know exactly what you are looking for. 
  4. Team Alignment. Make sure that any person involved in the hiring process is aligned with these goals to keep messaging consistent. 
  5. Employee Branding. Prioritize employee branding to ensure that your organization’s reputation is highlighted and to showcase any potential opportunities for growth and development within the company.  

Share the KPIs and metrics several times throughout the interview process to be completely clear. Your organization needs someone who can meet these objectives.  

The more transparent you are with revenue goals, the more likely those who are not suited for the role will opt out. 

How to Evaluate Revenue Accelerators

At this point, you’ve hopefully discouraged anyone who is not capable of meeting your growth goals from applying. However, you must still carefully vet every candidate.  

How do you hedge your bets? Executive recruiters will tell you that they take this approach: identifying talent who have accomplished similar results to your organization’s goals. We look for a track record of similar success. That’s how we mitigate risk. 

True growth accelerators will be able to provide concrete examples of what they did to achieve growth goals. Make sure you identify the most critical skills for your hire with an interview scorecard.

Red flag alert! Look beyond the candidate who was in the right place at the right time. You want someone who has the playbook and talent to drive revenue and success for your company. 

During the interview, dig in to understand if they were the driving force behind that success. Asking questions such as how their team was able to achieve growth and what role they played in that success can give you insight into their abilities.  

It’s also important to make sure that the success they’re referring to is recent and not from 10+ years ago. You want someone who has the playbook for achieving success and can bring valuable revenue acceleration examples from the last five years. Asking what the playbook would be to achieve similar success at your company can give you a better idea of their approach and skills. 

Don’t just settle for someone who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Find the person who knows how to make things happen. 

Upward Trajectory

Considering how fast the economic landscape is changing, having a growth accelerator on your team is invaluable. Like any human capital decision, this choice comes with high risk and reward. Using these strategies will help your organization make the right choice and, ultimately, meet your goals. 

If you need assistance along the way in finding suitable candidates for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. Talentfoot can provide you with professional guidance, as well as access to a bench of talented executives. Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.