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Talentfoot Partners with XecuCoach Founder Adriana S. Llames

CHICAGO, IL (Aug. 3, 2018) – Talentfoot Executive Search Firm has partnered with career coach Adriana S. Llames.Founder Camille Fetter has watched Adriana rise in her career over the past 10 years. On countless occasions she’s witnessed her ability to connect with top talent and give them advice most execs would be uncomfortable delivering.

Adriana is a serial entrepreneur and former Fortune 100 senior corporate executive.

Building on her 20 years of marketing and coaching experience, Adriana has launched XecuCoach which provides Executive, Career and Small Business Coaching. As a Master Coach with over 12,000 hours of coaching under her belt, she’s the kind of advisor that delivers direct advice with compassion and conviction.Her direction has been pivotal in the careers of so many current leaders.

Prior to XecuCoach she ran a boutique digital marketing company, Dekaf Digital, served as the Chief Digital Marketing Officer for ADT’s Premier Provider, and was a Corporate Officer & Award-Winning Division Vice President in Digital Marketing at Sears Holdings. Prior to her role at Sears she built a highly successful coaching practice with over 6,500 clients in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe.She’s been featured on ABC News, FoxBusiness.com, CNNMoney.com, Forbes.com, Inc. 500, Huffington Post, and more. She’s a sought-after keynote speaker at industry conferences, universities, and organizations across the world from the U.S. to Brazil.

What’s special about Adriana is she never sugarcoats the truth. Her brutally honest words are always exactly what her clients need to hear. Where someone else might skirt around the heart of the issue, Adriana cuts straight to the truth. She pulls up the curtain on what needs to happen to make big career changes and achieve incredible success.

If you’re not ready to hear the real scoop on what might be holding you back or how you can progress even further in your career, stick with your family and friends.

You won’t find many career coaches who have a strong background in digital marketing. Adriana’s a wealth of knowledge for any digital marketing executive looking to take their career to new heights.

Here at Talentfoot our executive recruiters are often working with executives who have a tremendous track record of success and are excellent at their craft, yet they bomb interviews and just don’t have the edge or soft skills to uplevel their career – that’s where Adriana comes in.

Recruiting is extremely competitive at the director level and above, as there are only so many positions at the top.If you haven’t perfected your interview skills I encourage you to touch base with Adriana to rehearse, refine, and perfect your responses. You’ll walk into your next interview knowing exactly how to paint a vivid picture of your success without sounding overly formal.


Adriana S. Llames, adriana@xecucoach.com