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The Guide to Executive Recruiting

Welcome to the big leagues of executive recruiting. Wondering where to start? We got you. This article will cover what you need to know about “placing” (different language for attracting top brass) executives within your organization.

Executive recruiting really boils down to three core concepts.

1.) Engagement and Guidance from Your Current Executives and Founder

2.) Deep Research – Know Exactly Who You Are After and Where to Find Them

3.) Work With a Executive Recruiting Pro

Let’s dive deep into the waters of executive recruiting so you can find your next top leader.  

Engagement and Guidance from Your Current Executives and Founders

The first part of executive recruiting is to get total buy-in from your current executives. These are the people who understand your company’s culture, mission, vision, values (we’ll be diving into that later), strengths, weaknesses, market opportunity. They know what it would take for someone to be successful internally. You need their guidance and to let them know you are looking for someone who can step in and continue moving the business forward. 

Your marketing executive search firm will listen to how everyone on your leadership team is feeling. They will take your candidate’s feelings into account as well. Both sides on the same page is imperative for a successful team dynamic moving forward. Based on the structure of your company and your current team’s dynamic, your executive recruiter can find the best fit that aligns with your organization’s needs and goals. A right fit is absolutely essential for long-term success. 

Deep Research – Know Exactly Who You Are After and Where to Find Them

After you get approval internally from your leadership team, your marketing executive search firm or sales executive recruiter will need to know who you are looking for. Are you after a CMO, VP of Marketing, or a Marketing Director? Do you need a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), VP of Sales, or Sales Director? 

The second step of finding the right executive candidate is knowing what role you need them to fill. Creating an executive job description is essential for your marketing executive search firm, digital executive search firm, or sales executive recruiter to find the right leader. If you want someone who can lead all of marketing, or sales efforts, then you better give your headhunter some inspiration on what that involves. Social media marketing? Content marketing? Digital marketing? PR? Inside Sales? Outside Sales? Lead Generation? Sales strategy and operations? Fundraising? Your executive marketing recruiter or sales executive recruiter needs to know whatever you need your new executive to handle. The more your executive search firm knows about your team’s needs, the easier it will be for them to find execs who are a good fit.

After your marketing executive search firm, sales executive recruiter, or technology executive recruiter knows what you need, they will know where to look. They will then begin by researching marketing, sales, or tech leaders at all levels throughout the industry. If they are established within the recruiting and staffing industry, then they will likely already have a pool of strong and vetted candidates. 

Work With a Executive Recruiting Pro

Lastly, marketing, sales, or digital executive recruiting is not just about finding the right executive – it’s all about being able to attract extremely talented leaders to your organization.

The executive search firm you work with should be experts in marketing, sales, tech, and digital media as these executive recruiting principles relate to any industry. The right executive recruiter will be a sales executive recruiter, they will be a technology executive recruiter, and in today’s world – they should also be a talented digital executive search firm as well. 

So whether you need a sales executive recruiter, a technology executive recruiter, or a digital executive search firm – you should be able to get it all under one roof. 

Ready to Work With an Executive Recruiting Pro?

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