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The Unspoken Secret of Top Sales Reps: The Art of “Getting It”

Sales leaders, here’s the thing: The sales landscape is rigorous and demanding. Making the right decisions when assessing your team’s performance and understanding of who should stay and who may need to go isn’t a matter of preference; it’s a matter of survival for you as a leader.  

The GWC framework, birthed from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) by Gino Wickman, offers you a strategic lens. It’s direct. And it doesn’t allow for ambiguity.

The framework is binary. There’s no room for ‘maybes’. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is the only way to evaluate. And, you can’t have two ‘yeses’ and one ‘no’. For a sales rep to be effective, you need three unequivocal ‘yeses’.


GWC Framework at a Glance

Get it: It’s the innate comprehension of their role. It’s beyond knowing the product; it’s about understanding the bigger picture and the company’s overarching goals. Instinctually they understand what needs to be done in the role.

Want it: The intrinsic motivation. It’s not enough to know the job; a sales rep must have the fire to excel, outperform, and push limits.

Capacity to do it: Beyond mere skills or experience. Does the sales rep have the tangible and intangible resources to deliver?

In this blog post series, we zero in on the “Get it” aspect. Does your sales rep grasp their role’s depth and its significance in the overall business strategy?


Diving into the “G” – Understanding “Get It”

Sales leaders often ponder: does my sales rep have the natural talent and instinct to succeed? “Get it” in the GWC framework deciphers this.

“Get it” isn’t just about product knowledge. It’s:

Depth: Beyond job duties, it’s about aligning with company strategy.

Market Insight: Grasping market dynamics and client challenges.

Cultural Sync: Aligning with company values and knowing the sales team’s pulse.

For Sales Leaders, grasping this depth can turn a rep from just meeting goals to smashing them. 

Implications of Truly “Getting It” in Sales

“Getting It” isn’t just about understanding; it’s about aligning a rep’s drive with company goals and diving deep into their role.

Organizational Alignment: A rep that “gets it” seamlessly syncs with company values, fostering unity and driving the broader mission.

Elevating Team Dynamics: One aligned rep can inspire the entire team, boosting cohesion and setting a standard of excellence.

Fueling Success: Clear-understanding reps streamline the sales process, enhancing client satisfaction and revenue.

Hiring Precision: Every wrong hire costs. When a rep aligns, it signals a perfect fit, beyond just ticking job description boxes.

In short, when a rep truly “gets it,” the whole organization feels the impact, highlighting the value of clarity and alignment in sales.

The Crucial Impact of “Getting It” in Sales Success

In the high-stakes world of sales management, understanding and alignment are paramount. It’s about strategic thinking, continuous assessment, and a commitment to nurturing and growing high-performing reps. 

Key Takeaway #1 – Non-Negotiable Understanding: In sales, success hinges on reps that truly “get it.” Aligning roles, vision, and culture is essential for unparalleled sales achievements.

Key Takeaway #2 – Rep’s Depth: It’s not just about understanding the role. Dive into individual motivations..

Key Takeaway #3 – Self-Review: Regularly assess your evaluation techniques. Are you capturing the full picture or overlooking crucial details?

Key Takeaway #4 – Stay Informed: Our exploration of “Get it” is just the beginning. Look forward to discussions on “Want it” and “Capacity to do it” in our upcoming posts.

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