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Two Words Top Managers Say To Their Employees

When you’re dashing around from meetings to presentations to lunches – while somehow managing to sleep, exercise, and shower – it’s easy to forget everything the people in your life do for you.

Whether it’s your assistant always remembering exactly how you like your coffee, your husband making you lunch every morning, or your housekeeper turning your tornado-of-a-kitchen into a spotless cooking haven, it’s natural and human to just get used to certain things and forget how grateful you are.

With Thanksgiving approaching, today I want to share the two words top managers say to their employees (and everyone in their lives):

Thank you.

It’s so simple, and might even sound trite to some, but when’s the last time you simply said thank you to everyone who makes your business and life run?

When people feel valued, they’ll want to work even harder, which is why it’s so important to express your gratitude on a regular basis through words and actions.It’s also really important to be specific and share exactly why you’re thankful, rather than just saying or writing a generic “thank you.”

Here are three fun ways you can show your team how thankful you are this holiday season:

1. Write each team member a short personalized note with 1-3 specific things about them you’re grateful for.Maybe someone’s a master communicator, another team member is great at running the numbers, and someone else is a creative problem solver.Rather than sending out a generic message, take the time to write each person who reports to you a personal message.If you have a very large team and are short on time, another fun way to spread the spirit of gratitude is to break the department up into groups and have each person write the others a little thank-you letter with specific ways they’re grateful for them.

2. Infuse festive fun into your everyday.This can be simple. Even bringing coffee and one simple, seasonal treat from a local bakery to the office on a Friday adds so much joy and coziness.It takes about 15 minutes on your way to work, doesn’t cost a lot, and has a huge impact on your team’s energy and connection. Resist the urge to try to become Martha Stewart overnight and just grab a couple simple goodies!

3. Plan a special team outing.There are lots of holiday parties this time of year, but something I love to do is a unique outing with the team to show my gratitude for everything they do.A sporting event, soul cycle class, an intimate and festive dinner, or going to a comedy club are all a little different than your standard cocktail party, and will bring your team together while showing them how grateful you are for their hard work.

How will you say thank you to your team this year?Share below – you might give another manager a great idea!