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Types of Job Roles Within Ecommerce

If you are an ecommerce company, it is important to hire the right ecommerce talent. You want your ecommerce employees to be able to do their job well and provide a great customer experience. This means you need to hire top notch ecommerce talent but doing so can be hard at times when there are so many different roles that need filled. 

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common positions in ecommerce companies, what they do for your business, and how working with an ecommerce recruiter can help you hire the talent you need faster than you can on your own. These roles are also essential functions within any company that sells products and services online.


Director of Ecommerce

A Director of Ecommerce is responsible for managing your ecommerce department and making sure that everything runs smoothly. They are also in charge of designing the ultimate  ecommerce strategy and experience for your customer.

It’s best to use your ecommerce recruiter’s retained or engaged search models to find director level ecommerce talent. This will ensure both discretion and speed.


Ecommerce Managers

Ecommerce managers are responsible for managing the ecommerce professionals in your company. They make sure that all of them have what they need to do their job well and that your ecommerce goals are met.

Your ecommerce recruiter can find great ecommerce managers for you via a contingency search.


Ecommerce Project Managers

Ecommerce project managers coordinate with both your ecommerce and non-ecommerce teams to manage your eCommerce operations. They ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Hiring ecommerce project managers is another great opportunity to utilize your ecommerce recruiter’s contingency search model.


An Ecommerce Recruiter Can Help

An ecommerce recruiter can help you hire top notch ecommerce talent to fill your open positions. If you need help hiring eCommerce talent for your company – contact us today.