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2021 Virtual Gift Guide for the Busy Executive

It’s one thing to shop for family members and friends, it’s a whole different challenge buying gifts for your colleagues. Executive gifts are notoriously tricky. That’s why we created this virtual gift guide for the busy executive.

This year, with supply chain backups, increased costs of goods, and customization delays, it’s a little late to purchase physical gifts with a personal touch.

Given the familiarity we’ve all gained in the past two years with technology, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite gift ideas for executives, with an emphasis on digital experiences, to show gratitude for those that have been with you through another complex year.

Refine your strengths

After such a tumultuous time, and record-high rates of job turnover, you may be assessing your personal performance and how to best prepare for the future of work. While the office environment may never be the same, the time before a new calendar year is perfect to consider your leadership skills before performance reviews. Taking a leadership assessment and attending a personalized training session is a valuable investment into your career or colleagues’. These assessments give a platform to build on for the next steps in your career and also help you understand some of your weaknesses so that you can improve them.

Leadership assessments are a unique and insightful gift for your clients and colleagues. These tools are proven to cultivate growth in areas like soft skills, which are integral to being in a leadership position, and will help drive results for your firm, no matter the industry.

Talentfoot’s Leadership assessments are ideal for any executive seeking self-awareness or the opportunity to level up in their career. Our practitioners use the proprietary Hogan Assessment to gain a thorough understanding of the executive’s performance capabilities.

Organize your email

With the constant demands from technology, our attention spans are getting shorter. One of the most arduous tasks is often sifting through and responding to emails. In fact, most people spend at least two hours a day looking at and responding to emails. Imagine you could cut that time in half with a few simple tricks. What would you do with an extra hour in your day?

The Stack Method is one of our favorite email management techniques. It’s easy to learn and boosts your productivity by giving you the time back that you were wasting writing, editing, and sending emails. Give this gift to yourself if your inbox is overflowing or any colleague. Everyone can benefit from better inbox organization.

You can save 10% with the code TALENTFOOT10.

Clear your mind

Mental health has been top of mind in 2021. We’ve spent more than a year working from home, and the social interactions we used to have on a day-to-day basis have been replaced with virtual meetings, instant messages, and virtual happy hours.

Working from home has led to record reports of employee burnout, and millions have quit their jobs in search of new employment (cue The Great Resignation). Safe to say, we could all use a second to hit pause.

Meditation has become one of the best ways you can take care of your mental health, and two apps, Headspace and Calm, do it better than anyone else. Both apps will facilitate meditation which has benefits including improved focus, better sleep, and reduced stress.

Even better, try Calm and Headspace for free, and if you like it, purchase a subscription for yourself or a friend or co-worker who you think could benefit from a little stress redux.

Holiday 101

No matter which executive you’re shopping for, there is no better professional gift than the ability to take your leadership abilities to the next level. Whether you’re reflecting on the year past to improve the year to come, finding an hour in the day you thought you’d never get back, or taking time for yourself to relax and destress, all of these gifts will help you or your colleagues exceed and succeed in 2022 and will help you take your career to new heights.