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Why Companies Should Use a Digital Recruiter to Negotiate Job Offers

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Most companies understand the expertise a digital recruitment agency can bring to the table when it comes to supporting a search and creating a hiring strategy. Today’s job market can be challenging to navigate with so many employers competing for the same top talent while trends are simultaneously shifting.


There is no doubt that a digital recruiter offers valuable guidance through a clear view of the market and hiring strategy best practices. But most companies think they can pick up the negotiation and offer process and close a candidate without the help of the recruiter, and that’s where things often fall apart. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should be using your digital 


What Is a Digital Recruiter?


A digital recruitment agency works with employers to create hiring strategies, source and screen candidates, and assist in the hiring process in many other ways. The difference between digital recruitment and other recruitment agencies is the way they leverage technology. Digital recruiters use career websites, job boards, mobile technology, social media, and online assessments to source, attract, assess, and select candidates for vacancies in the companies they work for. Other companies will use some of these tactics in their recruiting strategies, but digital recruiters rely solely on virtual methods to meet their clients’ needs.


Talent acquisition is a major concern of most employers these days, and in-house teams are often taxed by keeping up with demands. Digital recruitment can make the recruitment process much easier for employers with their highly efficient process of searching profiles, assessing candidates, and reaching out to those who seem like a good fit. The process moves much faster in a virtual setting, and dedicated digital recruiters have more time to devote to an active search than a traditional in-house team might have. 


Why Hire a Digital Recruiter to Negotiate New Job Offers?


Guesswork in negotiations can be costly. If you spend too much time negotiating with the wrong candidate or things fall apart at the end of the process, you’ll be right back where you started – with an open position and spending precious time and money on recruiting. Here are some reasons why using a digital recruiter to negotiate your job offers is a good idea. 


It Saves You Time


You can get caught up in the back and forth with candidates during the negotiation process. It can be difficult and time-consuming for both parties, and it could start the new hire out on a negative tone with your company. Digital recruiters will be familiar with what it takes to get the candidate to accept because they’ve worked with the candidate through the entire process. All the initial groundwork done by the recruiter can keep expectations managed and prevent the hiring process from going off course over bad negotiations. 


You Have a Neutral Third Party


You want your new hire to have the best possible impression of your company when they start their new position. A difficult or uncomfortable negotiation process might set the wrong tone but leaving the negotiations to a digital recruiter creates a buffer between you and the candidate and preserves the candidate’s view of the business. Instead, you can take the time you’re saving in negotiations and direct it toward creating a great onboarding plan for the candidates you hire. 

Instincts to Count On


Digital recruiters generally have a pretty good instinct for gauging how a candidate feels about the interview process. If the recruiter senses the candidate isn’t a good fit or may need more reassurance, they can either help you address the concerns or go back to the talent pool to get you more options. You don’t want to waste the time and trouble of negotiating with a candidate who is never going to accept an offer. 


Creating an Urgency to Accept


After you’ve extended an offer, a candidate might request more time to think or shop the offer around before countering or flat-out rejecting your offer. A digital recruiter has strategies and best practices in place, like time-bound deadlines for reviewing and accepting an offer. This helps create a sense of urgency for the candidate and lets them know the offer won’t be around forever. 


Why Keep a Digital Recruiter Until After the Offer Letter Is Signed?


Even if you’ve extended a verbal offer to a candidate and they accept, nothing is officially set in stone. There are many reasons why job offers fall apart before the candidate signs the written offer letter. In the time it takes to receive a physical copy of an offer, a candidate may receive other offers or simply rethink their acceptance. Keeping your digital recruiter in the loop can help prevent a break down late in the game.


The recruiter can help expedite the process with digital documents, cutting down the time it takes to get the candidate through the acceptance phase. Should the candidate have second thoughts, the recruiter has their relationship to leverage in helping talk the candidate through their concerns. Letting the recruiter out of the process too soon can be a risk you don’t want to take. 


After the Offer – What a Digital Recruiter Has to Offer a Hiring Company


After you’ve made an offer and the candidate has signed the offer letter, your recruiter still has much to offer. Your candidate may need support between the offer and the start of the onboarding process. A recruiter can take on that responsibility for you and direct the candidate through onboarding, pre-employment screenings, skills tests, or any other tasks that need to be completed before their first day on the job. They can even help get any necessary paperwork for the candidate to complete prior to their start date. Having your recruiter as a resource during this period saves you time and keeps the process moving efficiently. 


Why Candidates Should Use a Recruiter to Negotiate an Offer


Companies aren’t the only ones who should consider using a digital recruitment agency to negotiate job offers. Candidates can benefit from getting help from a digital recruiter as well. In such a competitive market, it can be challenging to navigate the give and take of compensation negotiations. Using a digital recruiter can be valuable for the candidate. Here are a few reasons why. 


Help Knowing Your Worth


Digital recruiters spend most of their days looking into hiring trends and helping candidates get as close to their asking price as possible. Because of this, they are more aware of what compensation levels are attainable based on your industry and experience. They will help you assess what your earning potential is, which you can then use to determine if a job offer is a step up or lateral move. All assessments will be gauged against market data and trends, not on assumptions.


Insider Knowledge of Company Cultures


For many job seekers, company culture and values are just as important a factor as salary and benefits. A great company culture contributes to a better quality of life, and the wrong fit can take a toll on an employee’s wellbeing. Since digital recruiters work closely with the companies they’re recruiting for, they often have insight into company culture. They may have helped someone leave a company with a bad culture, or they’ve helped place a candidate in an organization with a positive culture and values. Having this information can help paint a bigger picture of what it will be like to work for a company, not just what you will earn there. 


Accountability to Both Parties


While a digital recruitment agency is paid by the employing company, they also work for you. They will be able to act as a liaison on your behalf and talk with hiring managers about who you are and what you’re looking for. They are a neutral sounding board because they are accountable to both parties and have a vested interest in making sure the process goes well for everyone involved. 


They Handle the Back and Forth


Candidates often feel that if they don’t counteroffer or negotiate for compensation, they are leaving money on the table. A recruiter will help you determine what your best and final offer will be so you don’t waste time going back and forth with the employer in a process that could break down the relationship. The recruiter will have industry data to back up your salary expectations, so you can trust that what you receive is fair. 


Before Onboarding – How a Recruiter Helps


After you have received and accepted an offer, your recruiter can help you manage getting prepared for the onboarding process. In addition to helping you complete any paperwork or go through any screenings, your recruiter can give you an overview of what your onboarding and training process will be like. You will feel more informed and more prepared to begin your new career. 


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