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Why Job Boards Are a Waste of Time in 2022

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There used to be a time when job boards were the go-to method for recruiters and job seekers alike. Whether by posting resumes for recruiters to see or quickly applying to openings, these sites made job searching a one-stop-shop for candidates. But now, the modern-day job search looks a little different and talent recruiting needs to follow suit. If job boards are in your talent acquisition plan for 2022, it may be time to revise your strategy.

Today, finding your dream job is more about personal branding and leveraging your professional network. So, are job boards effective? Not for the average hiring manager. There is a lot less risk in taking time to interview a candidate from a personal referral rather than one pulled from an internet job board, so networking is now far more successful when it comes to what actually secures a position.

 There are niche job boards that can be worth the time and effort, but an entire strategy can no longer be planned around job boards. In this article, we’ll tell you the top reasons why job boards are a waste of time in 2022. 


Skip the Job Boards, Save the Time

Job boards have limitations, and your valuable time can be better invested in other tactics. Here’s why job boards are a waste of time. 


Employer Practices

Efficiency is key, but sometimes standardization can get in the way. Most employers and recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to accept applicant resumes and attach them to open positions. Employers can search those collected resumes in the ATS against various qualifications, which helps them create a candidate pipeline before ever even posting a job.

The ATS can also analyze a resume and determine if a candidate is a good fit simply by what is in that document. The truth is, posted jobs may receive hundreds of applications but hiring managers will only see the handful of applicants that slip through the automatic screening or those who happen to apply first.

Candidates rightfully feel frustrated by the ATS process. While not every employer is guilty of this, there are some who will try to take advantage of job boards and pad their ATS database by posting non-existent jobs for the sake of collecting new information or boosting website traffic.

Additionally, there are some businesses or academic institutions that are required to post vacant positions regardless of how they intend to fill the position. A job could be close to filled with an internal candidate but still appear on a job board. Practices like this make candidates feel like they’ll never yield success from job boards, and the most serious candidates have started to go elsewhere for their job searches.


Candidates’ Habits

As often as candidates become frustrated at job board results, employers and hiring managers do, too. And, that frustration is often caused by candidates. While it may seem like basic writing skills, many people are not able to put together a resume that has great spelling and grammar, proper formatting, and adequately worded experience summaries. 

This makes it difficult for employers to find the candidates they are looking for. On top of that, candidates often forget to pull down their resumes once they accept a new position, meaning there are tens of thousands of resumes floating around job boards for candidates that are no longer on the market.

An additional frustration for employers when it comes to job boards is the number of applications they receive from candidates who are not qualified for the jobs. Often, candidates believe they’ll increase their odds of receiving an interview if they apply to as many jobs as possible, regardless of whether they are truly qualified. This is frustrating for employers as they get inundated with applications for candidates they can’t hire. 


Growth of LinkedIn

Social media has made an impact on nearly all aspects of life, employment not excluded. Over the last decade, companies have been embracing social media as a way to recruit talent. LinkedIn is a social media platform specifically designed for employers and recruiters to discover and connect with candidates that meet the skill set they’re looking for.

Recruiting on LinkedIn is far less time-consuming than job board recruiting because it is more streamlined and targeted. Employers can save time and money while increasing their reach to find the right candidates at the right time for the job. LinkedIn makes it much easier to filter through potential candidates to leave you with a manageable list of prospects to contact. 

LinkedIn is also a great way to boost employer brand because there are many ways for businesses to customize their page and create special sections to showcase the company culture. While not focused on careers, other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat can be great for networking and connecting with people all over the world. 


Endless Job Openings

Big job board sites can be overwhelming for candidates because there is a sea of irrelevant postings every time they check the board. Some sites may have features for filtering, but it is still possible to set the right filters and still come up with hundreds and hundreds of jobs to comb through. When searches turn up too much information, candidates will either become exhausted by looking through too many listings or just start applying to all the jobs even though they may not be interested or a good fit.


Recruiters Have More Resources

An alternative to using job boards in your recruiting strategy is using the help of a digital recruitment agency. Recruiters often have far more resources at their disposal because they are usually recruiting on a large scale. Recruiters will have larger professional networks and more knowledge on where to go to find the best candidates. Because of this, businesses who rely on job boards for talent acquisition are at a disadvantage. It is difficult to compete with the reach and efficiency of a recruiting agency. 


Time Is Money

The longer your job sits unfilled, the more money it costs your business. Because they are not the most efficient talent acquisition tactic, job boards might take longer to yield a good candidate pool, especially if you are hiring for a position that requires special skills or experience. If you’re hiring for a network analyst, for example, an IT recruiter will likely be able to fill your position faster because they’ll have access to a pool of industry-specific candidates. 


Why Choose a Digital Recruitment Agency?

Now that we know job boards may not be the best option for recruiting in 2022, let’s talk about the reasons why a digital recruitment agency could be the right option for you. 


Hire the Right People for the Right Job

Using an agency for talent acquisition can ensure you find the right kind of candidate for your positions. Recruiters are much better equipped to understand the nuances of hiring in specific industries. Executive recruiters, for instance, know exactly where to go to find candidates for management positions, saving you time and money in being more efficient. 


Shortened Hiring Process

Digital recruitment agencies are hiring day in and day out, so they’re the most efficient option when it comes to talent acquisition. Because they hire often and on a large scale, recruiters often have useful standard practices in place that expedite the hiring process. This efficiency can take weeks off the time your position stays vacant.


Minimize Hiring Cost

With a digital recruitment agency, your hiring costs could be lower. Sales recruiters are only searching and putting paid postings on sales career sites, and that targeting helps reduce costs. Combined with the efficiency and shorter hiring times, you’ll spend less money with a recruiter than using job boards and a less refined strategy. 


Efficient Screening

Because digital recruitment agencies are tuned into the roles for which they’re hiring, they know exactly what to look for when screening candidates for positions. A recruiter will be able to screen applications and only push through the most viable options, so you or your hiring managers do not waste valuable time considering candidates who will not work out. 


Personalized Approach

Working with a digital recruitment agency gives you the opportunity to get a recruitment strategy tailored to your specific needs. Agencies can offer valuable consultation and advice based on industry trends, which you can then build upon for a personalized approach to your recruitment. With a plan designed for your needs, you will not waste time and money on tactics that are unlikely to get you candidates and help you fill jobs in a fast, efficient way. 


Ready for a Recruiter? Try Talentfoot.

When it comes to what works for talent acquisition in 2022, the better move is opting for a digital recruitment agency rather than job boards. 

At Talentfoot, we do all the legwork for you. We are a team of professional executive recruiters who are careful in the selection of the best candidates for a role. And that might be you! Contact us today so we can connect you to the right employer that would value your skills and experience.