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13 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Executive Recruiter

If you want to grow your business, then you need to sell your products and services. And to sell your products and services well and at scale, then you need to work with a sales executive recruiter. Why? Because, you need all star sales talent on your team to bring in the revenue that funds your entire business. Your all star sales team starts by hiring the right sales executives, and to find the right sales executives, you need to work with the right sales executive recruiter. 

Sell, grow, scale, or stay stagnant and fade out. It’s that simple. It sounds serious because it is serious, and that’s exactly why you need a sales executive recruiter.

But sales is only part of the equation. You need your brand to be known so that leads come inbound as well as outbound. That’s precisely why you need a marketing executive search firm – to find the marketing executive talent that will build a top-notch marketing team for your organization and then run that marketing team.

This article will highlight 13 reasons that we see as mission critical for working with a sales executive recruiter. Many of these reasons will also apply to working with a marketing executive recruiter, so if you see one mentioned, just know that the other applies as well. And if you are interested in the specific ways a marketing executive search firm can help you find your next marketing executive hire, you can find those resources right here

Let’s get into it. 

They’ve Seen it All 

How does a company identify growth accelerators? When you work with a sales executive recruiter, they have the expertise and rigorous vetting process to uncover the talent that will take your business to the next level. They use sales interview scorecards to reduce bias and dig into candidates’ skill sets and achievements. Hiring always takes a bit of risk, but by working with sales executive recruiters, you reduce that risk.

Expertise in Finding Top Sales and Marketing Talent

You know your products, your business model, and the solutions you offer to your customers – but do you know what type of sales executive can succeed within your organization? Do you know which type of both experienced and new-to-industry sales executives will help grow your revenue beyond your wildest expectations? Do you know the difference between a premium and an average sales hire?

If not, then you need to work with a sales executive recruiter who does. They specialize in finding the best sales and marketing executive talent for your organization. That’s what they do everyday, so they know the market and the key players at each level. Take advantage of the expertise of your sales executive recruiter and trust them to do the job while you do yours – running your company. 

A Deeper Talent Pool

Not only will a top marketing executive search firm have more information on their candidate pipelines than you do on your own individual pipelines, but they will also have a deeper talent pool. Gaining access to this deep talent pool allows you to find the best of the best that might not even be actively looking for a new career right now. By working with a top sales executive recruiter, you will open up your candidate pipelines beyond those who are currently job hunting. This deep talent pool really comes in handy when you want the right candidate who isn’t desperate for a new job and who is already gaining the experience you want in your next executive. 

Unbiased Guidance

Working with an executive recruiter that you trust means you have access to the experienced and unbiased guidance of a third party. They have your company’s best interest at heart and they want to see your sales and marketing team thrive. That’s why the right sales executive recruiter will not filter their guidance and advice. They will tell you what you need to hear about the type of candidate you are after, and about any potential new hires. They can keep you accountable to your own process without having biased opinions of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Additionally, they will also be able to give unbiased feedback about compensation figures for each candidate. They base their figures not on internal data like your CFO would, but rather based on research and market studies that are unrelated to your company. Choosing a third party who can give you this type of unbiased data is the much needed expert you need in your corner.

Cost Effective Compared to Recruiting Internally 

Working with a sales executive recruiter gives you access to more than just one person who knows how to find talent. They have an entire team looking for top talent at all times. This is part of the reason that using their services will cost less than recruiting internally. Especially, when you factor in not only the cost of hiring an internal recruiting team but the man hours it can take to find just one new executive hire. Even if you have an internal recruiting team, the level of involvement of finding, interviewing, and hiring Director and C-suite executives takes a highly experienced recruiter, and often more than one. Case in point – it just makes sense to work with a sales executive recruiter or a marketing executive search firm for your high priority hires. 

They Know Sales

Your sales executive recruiter knows sales. Shocker, we know. But it makes sense when you think about it as it’s hard to recruit sales talent if you don’t know what their job title entails. This is especially important at both the Director and the C-suite level. 

Sales is a critical component of being a recruiter. Whether that’s selling to and building a portfolio of clients to recruit for, or selling candidates on a particular company, many executive recruiters do both. So you can rest assured that your sales executive recruiter is both a knowledgeable and experienced sales professional. This means that they know to spot top sales talent to send your way to interview and hire. 

Confidentiality in Your Hiring Process

Your company’s best interests are at heart when the right and reputable marketing executive search firm takes on a recruiting mission with you. Because of this, they will keep everything that happens from start to finish completely confidential. They will not leak anything about your sales and marketing executive search process to anyone who should not be informed. This includes recruiting the candidates they send your way without posting jobs online or even making much noise about your open position.

This means that you can feel comfortable knowing that when a candidate is prospected, interviewed, hired, or even turned down for your open position – nothing will be leaked out. By working with a top sales executive recruiter, you’ll have access to this mission critical confidentiality.

Faster Hires

When working with a top sales executive recruiter, the hiring process becomes streamlined and more efficient than trying to conduct it on your own within your organization. A top marketing executive search firm will connect you with the best of the best sales and marketing executives that are eager to get started. They thrive on this type of fast-paced work and it does not slow them down or discourage them in any way.

Additionally, their entire hiring process is more efficient. They are able to find more candidates in less time without sacrificing candidate quality. This means that when the best executive is found, you will know it’s the right hire and be able to bring them onboard faster. 

Reality Checks for Hiring Process, Talent, and Expected Salaries

The right executive recruiter will offer you much needed reality checks about your hiring process. They will know what type of sales and marketing talent are looking for the positions you have open and therefore which types of candidates you should target. They can also help you to understand the baseline salary ranges that your company needs to be budgeting in order to bring on top talent. This last part is so critical to a successful sales executive recruiting process. Too many companies want to hire top executive talent while only wanting to pay Director level talent. This is never a good idea and it will lead to either hiring the wrong candidate or prolonging the executive recruiting process. 

Digital Savviness

The best sales executive recruiters are digital savvy. They know, just like you do, that social media is a powerful force in today’s market. Not only can they use it to help find top talent, but they will also be able to help you source and attract attention online for your open position by harnessing the power of social media to build brand awareness. This in turn leads to increased interest from potential candidates. 

If you work with a top sales executive recruiter, they will be able to help post your open sales executive position in places that target candidates will see it, and they will also be able to use social media to source talent for you too. This brings in valuable leads who are already pre-qualified and ready to interview. 

Market Insight

The right sales executive recruiter will have a deep understanding of the industry you’re in, and more importantly, where hiring trends are going. They use their market insight to find top talent for your company, and to advise you on what kind of roles are being created within the industry, what these new positions are responsible for, who is filling these positions, and what these roles pay. They can also advise on what your target candidates will expect from you as their potential employer. You can use your sales executive recruiter’s market insight to better prepare for interviews with your top candidates. 

Passionate About Recruiting

A top sales executive recruiter is someone who is passionate about recruiting for. They want to find the best possible hires for you and your company, not just make a quick buck from filling a position quickly. This is where a lot of sales executive recruiters fail in their jobs. You can weed out a “bad fit” by interviewing them about how passionate they are about recruiting before going any further with them. If they are not passionate, don’t walk – run!

Spend Your Time on What You Know Best

By working with a top sales executive recruiter, you’ll be freed up to spend your time where it’s most valuable – running your organization. You will have access to a team who is well versed in the hiring process and who thrives on the work that you do. You will also have access to an entire talent pool of candidates who are looking for your type of position and organization. This means that you won’t need to spend any time hunting for top talent because it’s already lined up, waiting for you to extend them an offer. That’s the power of working with the right sales executive recruiter. 

Talentfoot – The Right Sales Executive Recruiter

Using a third party professional sales executive recruiter like Talentfoot will greatly benefit your organization. These 13 reasons are just the beginning. Contact us today to learn more about how we work with companies just like yours to fill executive sales and marketing positions in a quick, efficient way that yields excellent results.