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How to Find the Right EdTech Recruiting Partner

No industry was left untouched by the pandemic. Some struggled. Global revenue for the hospitality industry decreased approximately 35%, resulting in millions unemployed and hotels, airlines, and restaurants either out of business or on thin ice. 

Meanwhile, other industries thrived. 

Education goes digital 

Millions of students were sent home across the world. Online education, once mostly reserved for graduate programs and working adults, became the norm for 25 million US students. Almost overnight, school systems, from public to private, elementary to higher education, were faced with the question of how to conduct classes and create an academic environment when person-to-person interaction was impossible.  

Now even with students returning to the classroom, the widespread adoption of digital education (and the utilization of EdTech to do so) has only accelerated further.  

EdTech is ready to explode. Investors agree. Venture Capital investment and general EdTech expenditure are expected to double in the next five years 

Tech perks  

Technology has become an integral part of schools across all age groups in the past decade. Books are being replaced with tablets and laptops, and planners transformed into online Learning Management Systems (LMS). In fact, a 2016 University of Phoenix study found that about 63% of K-12 teachers used technology in the classroom. After COVID, that number is assuredly close to 100%.  

So, who benefits from this growth in technology use in school? Well for one, students, due to this technology use, students were able to pivot seamlessly to online classes during the pandemic. It also increases collaboration, curiosity, and a more individualized learning experience for students.  

Explosive growth 

But EdTech firms are also growing at a massive rate, and a trend that started because of the pandemic does not look likely to slow any time soon. With increased digital infrastructure and a more individualized approach to learning, the barriers are falling left and right and set up the EdTech space for seemingly endless growth 

Find the right partner 

This massive growth does not come without the addition of new employees, and EdTech companies are hiring at record rates. We are frequently interacting with these companies looking to fill key digital positions. These are some of the key considerations EdTech companies should evaluate when they prepare to hire a recruiting firm. 

Key: Industry experience 

Given the massive growth and shifts in the space recently, EdTech companies need to partner with a recruiter who knows the ins and outs of the industry. These are some of the questions you should ask a potential recruiter: 

  • What EdTech firms have you worked with in the past and do you have references?  
  • What services do you think my business provides?  
  • What record of accomplishment or success should we require in this hire? 

Key: Growth partner 

The EdTech space has unique needs in terms of the experience its employees need to possess to help drive growth for the company. A potential recruiter needs to understand these individualized needs and find candidates with the expertise to drive growth for the client. Ask your potential recruiter: 

  • How will the recruiter promote your opening to reach the most amount of candidates?  
  • How is your interview process tailored to my opening?  

Key: Unique process  

Look for a recruiter to go through the same due diligence process that you did when your company was first hiring employees, not just throw together a subpar list of candidates for you to pick from. The right recruiter has a unique process that is tailored to your needs. Ask your potential recruiter:  

  • What steps do you take to qualify candidates for a job opening?  
  • Do you have any unique or proprietary techniques for finding the right candidate? 

Ongoing growth 

COVID accelerated the Fourth Industrial Revolution, showing us all that learning does not have to be done in the classroom. It can be done on your laptop, tablet, or even phone, and even with higher rates of success. The disruptive effects of the pandemic have shifted education as we know it.  

Make sure you partner with the right recruiter for your EdTech placement needs, and if you’re looking for one, contact us and we will help you make hires that will drive growth for your company.