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How Does a Digital Recruitment Agency Function?

There are two different models of functionality that digital recruitment agencies utilize when it comes to sourcing, vetting, and placing candidates into your organization – retained search and contingent search. Both of these models have their own advantages and serve a unique purpose in your recruitment process. Let’s break down these two modes of functionality for digital recruitment agencies.

Retainer Models

The retainer model is best suited for critical executive hires or talent searches that require a high level of confidentiality and urgency. There are two different types of retainer-based searches – retained search and engagement search.

Retained Search

Your digital recruiter should give you full priority when you sign on as a retained search client. The right digital recruiter will also give you exclusive access to their talent pool as a priority retained search client. Meaning, if there is a fit between your organization and a qualified candidate, your organization will automatically receive priority when it comes to interviewing and placement.

Engagement Search

Engagement search is recommended for sourcing candidates for high urgency positions with a salary below $100K but are challenging to fill due to unique job requirements or geographic location. The right digital recruitment agency will have a talent pool deep enough to fill your toughest vacancies.

Contingent Models

The contingent model is designed to fill non-critical positions with annual salaries below $100K. There are two types of contingent searches used by digital recruiters – contingency search and staffing.

Contingency Search

Contingency recruiting is the service most commonly thought of under the “recruiting” umbrella. Typically, a digital recruitment agency will include basic status updates and deferred project fees until a hire has been made and onboarded in their contingency search package.


Staffing services are recommended for sourcing candidates to increase your workforce on either a temporary or permanent basis. There are three different staffing solutions offered by digital recruiters – temporary, temp-to-hire, and full-time.

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