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3 Questions to Ask When Working With a Marketing Executive Search Firm

Thinking about contracting with a marketing executive search firm for your next marketing executive hire? While this is an excellent play to make sure you get top-tier talent, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself first as a company to make sure you are ready to bring on a new marketing executive.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when it comes time to work with a marketing executive search firm. 


Are You Ready to Grow?

Before you hire your next marketing executive, you need to make sure you have a growth strategy in place. You will likely rely on your new marketing executive to execute on your growth strategy. It’s not a bad idea to share parts of your growth strategy with your candidates to see what they would add or take away from the plan. This can give you insight into what they see as valuable and how they will lead your team.

If you are ready to grow and have the foundation in place to do so, then your next call should be to your marketing executive search firm.


What Is Your Reason to Hire?

Beyond your growth strategy, you need to do some soul searching as a company and figure out why you want to hire a marketing executive right now. This question may be a simple one that’s answered by your desire to grow, your existing marketing executive leaving your organization, or your need for additional help to execute on your marketing strategy.

This question might also have a more complex answer or it could be guided by a new opportunity becoming visible that you want to capitalize on. You may take a pulse on the current world of marketing and see the changes that are taking place. This may lead you to revisit your marketing strategy and ultimately decide that you need new executive marketing talent to help you implement a new facet in your marketing strategy like social media, content marketing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You should relay your reason to hire to your marketing executive search firm. This information will be helpful as they search for candidates for your vacant or new position. 


Are You Ready to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy?

The third question you should ask yourself as a company is regarding your marketing strategy, and specifically if you are ready to revamp it for modern times. Hiring a new marketing executive means that you are bringing in a new but highly experienced point of view with your new marketing executive. You should value and trust your new executive’s perspective and use it to revamp your marketing strategy to lead you to accomplish your goals. 

Revamping your marketing strategy may also mean hiring multiple new marketing executives to lead different areas of your marketing team. Whether you are looking to hire new executives to lead your digital marketing strategy, your social media campaigns, and your SEO focus, or you are looking to hire a new marketing executive to lead all your marketing fronts – your marketing executive search firm can help. 


Ready to Hire?

After you ask and answer these questions, the next step is to find the right marketing executive search firm for the job. TalentFoot should be a top consideration as our boutique recruiting firm allows us to provide ultimate personal attention without sacrificing on top tier talent. Contact us today to Hire Today.