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4 Hiring Trends You Need to Know About in 2021

How did your 2020 hiring trends predictions perform?  

If you are anything like us, you probably didn’t anticipate a pandemic disrupting life and work as we kneit.  

Now that we are more accustomed to these circumstances, it is time to look ahead. In 2021 job and hiring trends point toward digital.  

What does this mean for sales professionals, marketers, and tech experts? Now is your time to shine.  

Digital recruitment is racing forward in response to the pandemic and businesses having no option but to serve customers via digital channels. These are the specific hiring trends that we are watching as we march toward the new year.

Trend 1: Paid Social Talent is Crucial

Social media usage is booming in these un-social times.  

eMarketer predicts, “This year, US adult social network users will spend 7 more minutes per day on social networks than in 2019.”  

Consumers are turning to social media to make purchases. According to McKinsey, “34 percent of people say they have shopped on Instagram based on an influencer recommendation.”  

Social media offers companies a very targeted way of finding customers. Facebook reported 83% of Instagram users to say they have discovered new products or services through the application.  

Better yet, people are spending more online. Electronic payments company ACI Worldwide says online transaction value rose 74% from a year ago. 

Businesses that want to reach their customers this way will seek paid social talent to lead the charge.  

Trend 2: D2C is Growing 

The pandemic forced many retailers to shutter their brick-and-mortar doors. Instead of shutting down completely, companies shifted to a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. For many organizations that pivoted quickly, they found success, even outpacing 2020 revenue goals.  

According to a survey from EY, “such online channels may provide businesses with the right economic model to deliver better value to consumers at a perceived fair price.”  

Companies are finding this new channel a way to communicate their mission and values. From EY: “Online D2C provides businesses with an ideal platform for such messaging, as well as helping them demonstrate tangible reasons to purchase direct: offer differentiation, unique shopping experience and attractive pricing.” 

“In 2021 we’ll continue to see companies engaged in digital transformation and D2C endeavors will grow quickly,” said Brian Kopp, Talentfoot Executive Senior Consultant. “Those companies have been hiring Business Development and SaleDevelopment Representatives to continue to fuel that growth. Customer Success and Account Managers/Executive position growth within those companies will parallel the growth of business development in Q1/2 of 2021. 

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Trend 3: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Tech

McKinsey gave a spot-on state of the union in a post-coronavirus world, “Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at both the organizational and industry levels.”  

And there’s no slowdown in sight.  

“I predict the technology sector will be on fire as telecom transitions into 5G and businesses continually find creative solutions with eCommerce apps to meet the shifting retail landscape, said Talentfoot Senior Executive Partner Steve Dawson 

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Employers are looking for companies with the technological skills to drive their company forward. Some of the top skills in demand will be software development, AI, advertising technology, marketing technology, and cloud technology. 

Trend 4: Video is Here to Stay

Meeting by video exploded in 2020.  Zoom’s Q1 revenue increased 169% year-over-year. Consumers are comfortable shopping and meeting with sellers online. 

McKinsey recently reported, “Some 70 percent of buyers say they prefer digital interactions; sellers like the greater effectiveness. Videoconferences and live chats are helping companies seal the deal; traditional phone calls are now a last resort.”   

Sales recruiters will look for sales talent who can make authentic, meaningful connections with clients over video.  

This way of connecting with buyers will not go away. If a prospective employee does not present themselves well in a digital medium, employers will not be inclined to hire them in a client-facing role. 

Digital Hiring Managers Need to Know This 

COVID-19 was the world’s catalyst for digital transformation and the hiring of digitally savvy sales, marketing, and technology professionals.  

No matter if you are looking for a Director of Paid Social, a SaaS seller, or a data engineer, the hiring process is an extremely important factor. How will you identify which hard skills are critical for success? What soft skills make a good fit for your organization? Use an interview scorecard to prioritize.  

If you find yourself needing support securing talent, contact us. We can tap into our vast network and find the digital experts you need to face 2021 with confidence