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7 Steps to Take to Search for Executive Recruiters

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As a job seeker, you may have come across the mantra that says that it’s a bad idea to go after executive recruiters and you should let them come to you instead. This was a very popular opinion some years back. But nowadays, executive search firms are more than thrilled to hear from you because we are in an era of so-called “Great Resignation” and there are millions of open jobs that need to be filled as soon as possible. 

These days, your potential employers and the executive recruiters they partner with are more motivated to offer you a generous compensation and benefits package. But there are still some key ways you can position yourself to be seen by the right executive recruiters. 

In this article, we will discuss 7 steps you need to take to stand out to executive search firms. These are 7 steps that will help to successfully search out executive recruiters. This way you stand a greater chance of being noticed and considered for a role once there is an opening.

1.)  Be Visible

It’s easier for an executive recruiter to reach out to you when they know you are or have at least seen or heard your name before. The best way to be professionally visible is by joining groups and platforms where professionals like yourself are and sharing valuable lessons and learning from each other. Some of these professional industry networks even hold conferences which are an excellent way to connect with like-minded professionals who might just lead you to your next job. 

While you are at it, you could volunteer to be of service to these kinds of professional programming by stepping into mini-leadership roles. The aim of all this is to be actively involved and to be seen by executive recruiters. 

Platforms like LinkedIn can be a great way to get your name out there. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is well optimized, starting with your past and current job roles. 

There is also a feature available on LinkedIn that shows that you are available for work. This feature can be done discreetly, and executive recruiters take a special interest in those they know are actively searching for a new job.

Finally, taking a course from a professional website on a new skill can boost your visibility and you can highlight your new certifications.

2.)  Focus on the Right Recruiters

While some executive recruiting firms may cover multiple job positions and industries, others majorly narrow their search. So there is no point wasting your time targeting an executive that doesn’t recruit professionals in your niche.

To better target the right executive recruiters, you need to start a detailed search. For example, if you would like to work in the field of tech, you might want to use search queries like “ Executive recruiters in the tech industry”. To narrow your search even more, you can also add a location where you want to find these recruiters.

Many executive search firms now advertise positions on job boards such as Indeed and Monster. LinkedIn is also a great platform for targeting executive recruiters. The important thing to remember is to be very direct in your search. 

3.)  Take Part in Conferences

Many executive recruiters also attend the professional industry conferences we mentioned earlier. This low-pressure setting is a great opportunity to network. You should bring your business cards along and, equally important, get theirs. Attending and participating in a conference can improve your visibility, as can actively searching out a role on a panel.

4.)  Leverage Your Current Network

One of the best places to start your search for an executive recruiter is within your own network. Ask around from friends and senior colleagues who understand how this works. In the course of their careers, many of the senior executives have worked with executive recruiters to find a job. 

They can refer you to recruiters they know and they can pass your name on to their connection with a strong recommendation..

It’s a good idea to seek referrals from the most experienced professionals in your network. But you can also contact other people in your organization who may have recommendations. 

5.)  Do Your Research On These Executive Recruiters

In the same way that you would research any company you hope to interview with, you should research the executive recruiting firms you want to work with. Visit their firm’s websites, read their team’s bios, and view their LinkedIn profiles. 

Ask a trusted LinkedIn connection who is connected with  them to introduce you. These days, executive recruiters put all their information out there so you can easily vet them in your search for your executive recruiter.

You can also check out the Forbes survey of the top 200 executive search firms to see which ones operate in your city. If they’ve got the Forbes seal of approval, they are definitely worth contacting. 

6. ) Keep It Cool

No matter how much you want a new job or need one, it’s usually pointless to tell everyone. It’s best to keep it cool and show some discretion in your search. 

Rather than expecting results immediately, try to develop a relationship with an executive recruiter that will ensure your name will be on their list when they are looking for a candidate with skills in your wheelhouse. 

Executive recruiters may contact you based on your LinkedIn profile or career listings so don’t be surprised when they come to you. 

7.) Be a Problem Solver

It’s always helpful to be known as a problem solver within your industry. This way, when you meet a recruiter you give off the impression that you are the right person for the job and that you have valuable skills that would be useful to their clients. 

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