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Company Culture and Attracting Job Candidates

When employers describe the culture of their company we often hear phrases like “we work hard, play hard,” or “we have a beer cart on Fridays,” but the truth is, those answers exemplify the environment and do not actually create company culture. And while the Friday beer cart may sound appealing, the following three categories are what really makes the difference attracting, motivating, and retaining employees.

  • Values
  • Mission and Vision
  • Hiring, Firing and Promotion

Let’s take a look at each category on its own:


The values of your organization and its management are not necessarily in writing, they are actions. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” The core values are a reflection of what is truly important to a firm and it guides the behaviors within the company. The values are the underlying heartbeat of an organization and are its true personality.

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the company is the driving force behind all actions within the company. It is the purpose of the organization and sets the standard for goal achievement. What does the company hope to achieve through its day-to-day and overall processes? This mission and vision should be clear to all employees, as it is the purpose of their work.

Hiring, Firing and Promotion Criteria

The standards behind these three areas are paramount to setting the tone for the company culture. When it comes to hiring, what do managers look for in prospective employees? When individuals are considered for promotion what makes one person the right choice over another? And when it comes to firing what is the criteria behind this decision? It’s important for employees to understand how these choices and decisions are made to eliminate confusion but also a sense of community is fostered because everyone understands the expectations.

Establishing the criteria in these three categories will set the foundation on which all decisions rest. With an established culture, ideally employees will not only fit within that culture but enjoy working for the organization where that specific culture exists. That employee’s happiness at the company will lead to more productivity, and less turnover. With the tight job market and growth of digital start-ups and evolving digital marketing teams, defining culture is certainly an important piece of the puzzle in your company’s success. Let your culture be one that helps your employees thrive; one that attracts the type of employees you want, and then motivates them, leading to success for them and ultimately for your organization.