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Recruiting Firm for Analytics and Data Science Positions

In a world of data, navigating your career path is not all technical. Sure, you need technical skills, but it also involves people, relationships, and conversations. One of the best ways to succeed in a career in analytics and data science is to have discussions and constantly be open to new ideas. Why? Because industries, consumers, and technologies are evolving every day and in order for your company to achieve success, you must understand the people behind the data.

Talentfoot offers the analytics recruiting solutions and relationships needed to drive business success through data and analytics based on your business objectives. Our understanding, network of data professionals and relationship centric approach to recruiting, provides you with access to the most talented analysts across a broad range of industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, professional services, and advertising agencies.

Chief Information Officer

Create value through developing a strong technological foundation, discovering and delivering new capabilities and ensuring tech systems and procedures operate according to business goals.

VP Of Data Science

Lead complex, data-driven projects by collaborating with teams across an organization to create new data capabilities and machine-learning models to support the business.

VP Of Analytics

Uncover data and tactical solutions that align with the business’s vision and objectives, driving growth and value across a robust mix of programs and priorities.

VP Of Category Development

Analyze key market trends and opportunities to lead new product, feature and capability creations that will influence buying behaviors and satisfy consumer demands.

Director Of Data Science

Leverage data and synthesize complex, technical concepts to enhance existing management programs and proactively develop new advanced methodologies.

Director of Customer Insights

Be the voice of the consumer. Use analytics and insights to discover data gaps and connections that will drive operational, innovation and activation strategies for an organization.

Director Of Analytics

Combine consulting skills, insights, advanced analytics and marketing strategy to deliver data-driven decisions and improve business results.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Evaluate and interpret online marketing campaigns and research marketing trends to design new programs that will generate campaign success.

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