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Growth Marketing Recruiting

Growth is the goal and successful marketing today takes more than just top of the funnel strategies and reaching the right audience. It’s about acquiring customers who are in it for the long run.

Growth marketers are master experimenters at every stage of the customer journey. Just like running a marketing campaign, demand gen recruiting talent entails hard work, effective strategies, evaluations, and input from others to help achieve an organization’s long-term success.

Talentfoot has a growth mindset with resources that can help you strengthen your marketing capabilities, directly impacting business transformation. From Director of Growth Marketing to Email Marketing Manager, CRM Manager and, Marketing Automation Specialist, Talentfoot growth marketing recruiters can help you recruit, train and grow your marketing team.

Chief Growth Officer

Discover new approaches to growth by capitalizing on limited resources, maximizing the impact of investment, and tracking future trends to drive optimal business expansion.

Director of Growth Marketing

Develop scalable acquisition and retention strategies and drive the expansion of audiences across all online and offline platforms to achieve optimal revenue growth.

Growth Marketing Manager

Create, manage and test user acquisition campaigns by accurately analyzing consumer behavior, preparing insights and monitoring revenue performance.

CRM Manager

Sustain an ongoing level of positive engagement with key customers and improve customer’s issues and challenges to empower retention campaigns.

Email Marketing Manager

Reach consumers or generate profitable leads for a business through innovative email marketing tactics and promotions.

Marketing Automation Manager

Impact organizational growth through the automation of consumer contact and engagement through software.

Demand Generation

Develop a deep understanding of the customer journey and craft successful demand generation initiatives to drive acceleration of new buyers across a specific marketplace.

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