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Leadership Development

Hogan Assessments

Talentfoot has a certified Hogan assessor with extensive training in administering any of the wide range of Hogan Assessment tools and analyzing results. Our clients have the option to add this step to our vetting process to analyze fit and minimize risk before extending an offer or leverage these services a la carte outside a formal executive search.

Hogan Assessments Overview

The popular Hogan Assessments help hiring teams better understand:

personality of Participants

How the personality characteristics of leaders and managers may influence their leadership effectiveness.

behavior of Participants

Participants’ behaviors such as information processing style, decision-making approach, and openness to feedback and coaching.

qualities of Participants

Candidates’ qualities such as strengths, challenges, performance risks and underlying motivators and values.

Punctuality of Participants

A leader’s day-to-day approach to work and leadership.