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Five Elements Top Talent Really Want in Company Culture

As a manager you want to create a stellar company culture and attract top talent.

To get the best employees on board, your company culture needs to stand out. Basic doesn’t cut it anymore.With a handful of top tier companies offering perks like regular team off-sites and unlimited vacation, standard benefits packages are simply dated.Top performers expect more because they deliver more.After working with over 1200 clients, we at Talentfoot know that rockstar employees want to wake up excited to head into the office, and a positive company culture makes a big impact.

When candidates are evaluating prospective companies to join forces with, culture is a huge determining factor in their choice.You may be in a race to add the newest “perk” like a ping pong table or beer cart, but this isn’t what matters the most.

These are the top five elements prospective candidates care about most when looking at a company’s culture…

1. Mission.Top performers want to feel inspired and fired up every day. If your mission is wishy-washy, you won’t hook the best talent.The employees you want on your team don’t just want to clock in, clock out, and receive a paycheck. They want to feel truly aligned and lit up by your mission.Clearly define your company mission and goals in writing and in your interviews. Your online and/or physical presence should demonstrate your values through words and actions.Identify the key values you stand for and hire employees who are aligned. This will help you naturally develop and maintain a fierce, positive, and united culture.

2. Values.Speaking of values, how can you identify and hire employees that hold the same values as you?Simply ask.In interviews, make sure you ask prospective hires what their work values are.Are they inspired by producing revenue, collaborating, creating? What’s their sweet spot?Which one of their achievements made them the most genuinely satisfied and excited?Top performers want to find meaning in their work and feel connected to a greater good.

3. Communication.The best talent place high value on open communication and transparency between all levels on the work chart.You can do this by having quarterly meetings with all staff to discuss achievements, changes, and weaknesses going on within the company.As a manager it’s important to be humble and honest with your team members and communicate regularly.

4. Accessibility.Employees that bring in the best results (and the most revenue) want accessible leadership.They want to work for a company that values all levels of talent and makes decisions with everyone in mind.Top talent want to develop relationships with company leaders and feel comfortable communicating their ideas with them.Create space for that by arranging meetings between managers and employees. You might even create a mentorship program where you pair up employees and managers and rotate quarterly.

5. Balance.Work-life balance is crucial to extraordinary employees.A company that values the health of their team members and takes precautions to alleviate stress and burnout is a company that will attract top talent.Encourage your employees to take a free creative day occasionally, and at least one vacation per year. So many top performers don’t even use their vacation time because they’re so dedicated to their work, and they end up burning out.You can retain your best employees by ensuring their stress levels and overall health are in check.

Taking time to develop these five key elements will help you create a culture that attracts top performers like a magnet.

What’s the first step you’ll take to improve your work place and bring the best talent in the market on board? Email us at info@talentfoot.com and share your thoughts.