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How Digital Marketing Is Changing Recruitment & Staffing

Digital marketing is changing the world of recruitment and staffing and if you want to stay competitive, you need to be looking for digital marketing talent. The best way to do this is by partnering with a digital marketing headhunter or a bigger digital recruitment agency. This necessary partnership in and of itself is proof that digital marketing is a trend that is here to stay.

There are three main avenues through which digital marketing talent is found and hired – social media, networking platforms, and online job boards. Your digital marketing headhunter or digital recruitment agency can help you take advantage of each of these avenues, and this blog will detail just how they will do that.

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Social Media

Social media is the digital marketing arena that you are likely most familiar with. It has become so big and powerful that it has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. If you want to find digital marketing talent on social media, you need to hire a digital marketing headhunter or work with a recruiter who specializes in this space. A digital recruitment agency will be able to advise you on how much money should go into your social media hiring budget. They’ll also be able to provide specific recommendations for where to post ads across various platforms. You can use their experience and expertise to better understand what exactly it is that makes social media such an effective strategy for finding skilled professionals.

Once your advertising starts reaching job seekers, you’ll have a higher chance of being contacted by an interested party. Your digital headhunter or agency will likely be able to judge a candidate’s abilities just from a digital footprint but if not, they can make recommendations for additional vetting through testing and interviews.

Networking Platforms

Networking platforms such as LinkedIn can also be used to recruit skilled digital marketing professionals. These platforms are more customizable than social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to search for the perfect candidate by location, industry, current job title and seniority level, all while seeing their detailed job history. It’s important to note that LinkedIn does charge for this increased search capacity via either their platinum or sales navigator subscriptions. With a paid LinkedIn subscription, you will be able to send personalized “in-mail” to candidates you are not already connected with in addition to the increased search capacity.

Online Job Boards

You can find talented professionals all over the internet by posting your job online on one of many different job boards. You could spend hours looking through each individual site for prospective candidates, but that’s time that could be better spent handling what’s already on your workload. Relax, your digital recruitment agency of digital marketing headhunter is on the job! They can do all of this research for you and even give you personalized recommendations based on what your company needs. They can weed out the people who aren’t right for your organization and bring you only those who might be a good fit by contacting the candidates you’re interested in and setting up an interview.

Talentfoot – Your Go to Digital Recruiting Partner

Digital marketing is clearly all the rage right now, and your company can capitalize on it by working with a top-notch digital recruitment agency like Talentfoot. We’ll help you find the digital marketing talent you need, while saving you time and money in the process. Contact us today to learn more and to start your search.