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How to Produce a Revenue-Producing Digital Marketing Team

Talentfoot is pleased to share five key steps to building a revenue-producing digital marketing team that often go ignored.

After working with 1,204 happy clients, creating over $200M in new salaries, and drinking 1,603 cups of coffee collectively, my team and I have mastered a simple formula to building teams that maximize your bottom line.

1.Flip your approach to hiring.Many managers post job listings and wait for the applications to pour in. This is the wrong approach.When you flip the process and actively pursue the best candidates yourself, you will fill the position more efficiently, and with a much higher caliber of talent.

Ask yourself this…Why would someone want to leave a job they are happy with and excelling in, to join my organization and work for me?Top performers often have amazing jobs already; you need to pique their interest in your organization and YOU, the hiring manager. Talented employees want to work with leaders who inspire them; remember it’s not only about the organization, but also about the people and the leadership team.What makes your company unique; how do you communicate your competitive advantage; why do your employees enjoy working for you?Working with a specialized executive recruiter is the best way to successfully target and onboard top talent. Recruiters have the ability to hone in on successful players in the industry and strategically pique their interest in the opportunity.

2. Clarify your story and company pitch.When you are actively pursuing top performers, the most important thing you can do is clarify your personal story as well as your organization’s story. You need to paint a vivid picture of what life at your organization is like for your new employee.

  • Why is your company and team an ideal work environment for the specific candidate you’re speaking to?

  • What brought to the organization?

  • Why was it the best move for career?

  • What is this position going to do for the candidate’s career?

  • What are going to do for the candidate’s career?

Think long term and short term, and practice your story and the answers to the above questions before you speak to your next prospective hire.

3.Evaluate and select the best.Take time to think about the track record of success necessary for the position(s) you are hiring for.

Quantify the necessary skills and experience needed to ensure the lowest risk prior to writing the job description.If you hire new employees who have a track record of fulfilling the goals you are looking to achieve, you greatly decrease your risk of failure. For example, if your goal is to scale your $30MM business to $100MM in three years, find someone who has been part of a similar success story.

What kind of track record do you want this new employee to have?

4.Put your recruiting hat on.Determine the candidate’s key motivatorsOne individual may be motivated by equity, as they are focused on a healthy retirement lifestyle. Another individual may be seeking more flexibility in their work/life balance. Someone else may be looking to advance their skills and be surrounded by intelligent people who will inspire them on a daily basis. Know your audience and put your recruiting hat on.

5. Assign appropriate value.Being stingy never attracts the best of the best. I can’t tell you how many hiring managers I’ve seen extend a low-ball offer in hopes of “winning the negotiation.”It always results in the loss of the top candidate because they feel the organization simply does not value them.From there, it takes three or more months of additional search time to fill the position. And as you know, time is money. Yet, just how much money IS that open position costing you?

We can assist you in determining the daily cost of your open position. Email us directly at info@talentfoot.com and we will calculate the estimated cost for you. Be prepared to share your annual revenue and number of current employees.

Do you currently follow any of these steps? What is one way you will strengthen your approach to building a revenue-producing team starting today? Email us at info@talentfoot.com as we would love to hear from you.