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In Case You Missed It: Ask a Tech Recruiter Anything

If you weren’t able to attend our recent live event focused on the state of the technology job market, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We had an engaging session where we tackled a range of questions, from strategies to finding top tech talent to advice on how job seekers can stand out in an increasingly competitive market. The event featured Tim Bromley, the leader of our technology practice, and Samantha Herscher from our marketing team, who provided valuable insights and expertise.

We recorded the entire session, and you can now access it at your convenience. Whether you’re a job seeker, a hiring manager, or someone interested in the tech job market, you’ll find plenty of valuable information in this insightful discussion. Click here to watch the recorded session.

How to get noticed by hiring managers?

Securing the attention of hiring managers and recruiters requires more than just submitting a job application. Here are a few ways to boost your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Taking the initiative to reach out to the hiring manager directly, either through LinkedIn or email, can make a significant difference. Craft a personalized note expressing your genuine interest in the position and what excites you the most about the opportunity. Being proactive and demonstrating your enthusiasm can set you apart from other candidates. Remember, go-getters are often the ones who land the job, so don’t hesitate to take that extra step to stand out.

How do you network in-person during a job search?

As the world transitions back to more in-person interactions, networking opportunities are also returning. Engaging with people face-to-face and attending public events can be immensely beneficial during your job search. In-person networking opens doors to unexpected conversations and potential opportunities that may not have been possible through digital channels alone. Embrace the power of personal connections and seize the chance to network in your community. The more you immerse yourself in these events, the higher your chances of discovering valuable connections that can propel your career forward.

How should a candidate address being laid off in an interview?

If you find yourself in the position of having been laid off, it’s essential to handle this topic thoughtfully during job interviews. Rather than merely stating that you were part of a round of layoffs, take the opportunity to share your story and provide context behind the situation. Explain the reasons for the layoff and the circumstances surrounding it in a candid and honest manner. Recruiters appreciate openness and transparency, and by offering a clear narrative, you give them the information they need to understand your unique situation and support you in your job search.

What stands out to you from an executive resume point of view?

For tech professionals aiming to secure executive-level roles, crafting a compelling and relevant resume is crucial. Limit your resume to three pages, focusing on highlighting high-level details of your key successes and achievements. Include metrics that emphasize your skills and contributions whenever possible. Additionally, draw attention to the companies you have worked for and the industries you have had an impact on. Providing insight into the size of teams you’ve managed, your reporting structure, and your experience with profit and loss responsibility can further showcase your leadership abilities. For additional resume and portfolio tips, consider exploring Talentfoot’s Freelance 101: Level Up Your Portfolio in the Gig Economy.

Have education requirements become more flexible or do they remain stringent for tech roles?

The landscape of education requirements for tech roles has evolved over the years. In the past, having a university degree was considered standard for most positions. However, times have changed, and there is now a noticeable shift towards flexibility in educational requirements. Many companies are recognizing the value of alternative educational paths, such as coding bootcamps, where exceptionally talented individuals are emerging with specialized skills that are in high demand. Businesses are increasingly focused on upskilling and reskilling its workforce, prioritizing the acquisition of the best talent, regardless of the candidate’s formal education background.

A step towards success

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, it’s essential to stay informed and adaptable. Remember that you are not alone in your journey, and there are resources available to support you along the way. If you require assistance in finding a job or filling roles within your organization, Talentfoot is here to offer our expertise and help you navigate the dynamic world of tech recruitment. Follow our newsletter or email us at info@talentfoot.com for more information.