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An innovative wealth-tech company with a remarkable track record of overseeing assets exceeding $200B is seeking its next CEO.

As CEO, reporting to the Founder, you’ll lead the company’s expansion efforts, targeting single-family offices, wealth management institutions, institutional clients, and mid/large accounting firms. You’ll develop and implement tailored Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, using your expertise in family office/ accounting software to penetrate these markets and drive revenue growth. Acting as a hands-on CEO, you will be actively engaged in market activities, driving strategic initiatives, and fostering relationships with key stakeholders. This involvement extends to sales and marketing efforts, where you will play a crucial role in driving business development initiatives, nurturing client relationships, and identifying opportunities for growth and expansion.

•Executive Leadership: Develop top-tier leadership skills, guiding the organization’s strategic direction and decision-making at the highest level.
•Influence and Impact: Shape boardroom discussions and decisions, leaving a lasting imprint on the company’s vision, financial strategies, and overall trajectory.
•Financial Expertise: Deepen your understanding of complex financial instruments and market dynamics, essential for navigating the financial services industry effectively.
•Networking Opportunities: Access a global network of industry leaders, investors, and influencers, enabling you to forge strategic partnerships and unlock new growth opportunities.
•Legacy Building: Leave a lasting legacy within the organization and industry by driving innovation, fostering excellence, and delivering exceptional results that shape the company’s future success.

To be considered for this opportunity, you must meet the following qualifications:

•Proven track record of transformative leadership in wealth/asset management services, wealth-tech or enterprise technology sector, with a demonstrated ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to drive business growth and innovation.

•Robust background in driving impactful marketing and sales initiatives, showcasing a knack for effectively communicating the unparalleled value proposition of our platform and driving substantial revenue growth.

•Demonstrated success in scaling a businesses (5X) and accelerating growth in fiercely competitive markets, anchored by a steadfast commitment to leveraging technology to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

•Exceptional strategic acumen and decision-making prowess, underpinned by an intimate understanding of the financial services landscape and a proactive approach to identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends and opportunities.

•Outstanding communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, essential for fostering robust relationships with clients, partners, and investors, and cultivating alignment and collaboration within the organization.

Apply today and join this company in shaping its future and making your mark in the wealth-tech landscape!