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A dynamic and growing fintech company in the Cleveland area is seeking a Customer Service Representative. This company is looking for a leader enthusiastic about developing, engaging, and maintaining customer relationships using cutting-edge approaches to support online services for healthcare organizations and contract administrators.

The company seeks highly motivated professionals who will actively participate in managing its network of online users while creating and fostering collegial communities of use.

Besides other creative tasks, customer experience team members will be involved in the following activities:   

  • Support the onboarding of new members to our services via phone conferences, online training and user blogs 
  • Respond to daily Help Desk Tickets  
  • Contact new or existing users on a regular basis to confirm satisfactory access to services 
  • Identify problematic user experiences requiring the services in new domains.  
  • Provide product support to users and internal technical team (new or product improvements) 
  • Take a proactive interest in the non-technical aspects of the online service, learning about customer experience and ensuring satisfaction with services provided 
  • Interact with a technical team to ensure overall positive experience of our online users.  
  • Schedule End-User Communications (e.g., user groups, webinars) 
  • Develop, schedule and monitor user surveys 
  • Produce regular newsletter(s)  
  • Search for and develop content for its magazine. 

Prospective team members will demonstrate interest or skills in areas such as online presentations, training, writing short updates, computer use (e.g., word-processing, spreadsheets), social media, and non-technical soft skills associated with communicating and engaging with people – i.e. people skills.    

Education & Other Requirements: 

  • A recently acquired degree or certification in a related or relevant field is desirable; demonstrable customer service and customer experience is a plus.  
  • Proficiency in basic Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 
  • Must be able to work from Cleveland downtown office (Hybrid) 
  • Pays attention to detail and is a problem solver 
  • Good communication and presentation skills.