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Sparking the Fire in Sales Success: The Essential “Want It” Factor

Sales leaders, as you navigate the demanding terrain of sales, understanding the core driving forces of your sales reps is imperative. The GWC framework, as discussed in our previous blog post, encapsulates three pivotal factors – Get it, Want it, and Capacity to do it.  

We already covered the “Get it” aspect, unraveling the essence of innate comprehension in sales success. 

Now, let’s turn our focus to the “Want it” component – the inherent desire and motivation that propel sales reps forward. 

Uncovering Desire: The “Want It” Element in the GWC Framework 

The “Want it,” embodies the internal drive of your sales reps. It’s about having the burning desire to not only fulfill the job requirements but also to excel, to outshine, and to push the boundaries. 

Sales leaders, when you look at your team, do you see the fire in their eyes? The “Want it” factor is about having that zeal to succeed, to reach and surpass sales targets. It goes beyond mere duty; it’s about passion and a genuine desire to contribute to the company’s growth. 


Exploring the “W” – Unleashing the Desire to Excel 

Passion-Driven Performance: A sales rep with a high “Want it” factor is passionate about their role, about making connections, and about closing deals. Their enthusiasm is infectious, often inspiring the entire team to elevate their game.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Sales is a domain filled with rejection and hurdles. The “Want it” factor fosters resilience, enabling reps to bounce back, learn from the setbacks, and come back stronger. 

Goal-Oriented Mindset: It’s about setting sights on the goal and relentlessly pursuing it. A strong “Want it” factor aligns individual goals with organizational objectives, ensuring a concerted effort toward achieving targets. 

Implications of the “Want It” Factor in Sales 

Team Morale and Cohesion: A team with a strong “Want it” ethos fosters a positive, energized, and cohesive work environment. It boosts morale and cultivates a culture of excellence. 

Revenue Generation: The relentless pursuit of goals translates to more closed deals, happy customers, and, ultimately, increased revenue. 

Retention and Growth: Sales reps with a high “Want it” factor are likely to stay committed, contribute to the organization’s growth, and seek avenues for personal and professional development. 


Fueling the “Want It” Factor for Sales Triumph 

In the realm of sales leadership, fostering the “Want it” factor within your sales reps is a game-changer. It’s about recognizing this intrinsic motivation, nurturing it, and aligning it with the organization’s mission and goals. 

Key Takeaway #1 – Igniting Passion: In sales, the “Want it” factor is a cornerstone for success. Recognize and nurture this intrinsic motivation to foster a high-performing sales team. 

Key Takeaway #2 – Building Resilience: Equip your sales reps with the right mindset to face challenges head-on, learn, and evolve. 

Key Takeaway #3 – Goal Alignment: Ensure that the individual goals of your sales reps are in sync with the broader organizational objectives. 

Key Takeaway #4 – Stay Tuned: Our exploration of the GWC framework continues. Look forward to diving into the “Capacity to do it” aspect in our upcoming posts, providing you with a holistic understanding of what drives sales success.  

To elevate your team’s “Want it” factor and support your team’s growth, we’ve crafted 8 pivotal questions to enhance the evaluation of your sales team. 

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