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Unleashing the Force of “Capacity to Do It” in Your Sales Reps

Navigating the world of sales can be a real challenge. A key part of staying on the right track is truly understanding what your team can do. Knowing their strengths and abilities is like having a secret map, making it easier to tackle challenges head-on.

The GWC framework, as introduced in our previous blog posts, succinctly encapsulates the core facets essential for molding a competent, high-achieving sales team – Get it, Want it, and Capacity to do it.

We’ve explored the “Get it” (understanding) and the “Want it” (desire), now let’s look into the “Capacity to do it” part. This part checks if your sales reps have what they need, in terms of skills and resources, to do well and succeed in their roles.

Unlocking Potential: The “Capacity to Do It” Dimension in the GWC Framework

“Capacity to Do It” is where the rubber meets the road in the GWC framework. It’s about seeing if your reps have what it takes to nail their roles and smash those sales targets. They might “Get It” and “Want It,” but if they lack the “Capacity to Do It,” they won’t cross the finish line as top performers.

As you size up your team, don’t just stop at their eagerness and understanding. Dive into their real ability to get the job done well. This part of the GWC isn’t something you can coach into someone. It’s a deal-breaker.

Get it wrong, and you’ll burn time, money, and resources on a rep who is not cut out for the big leagues. But get it right, and you’re on your way to forming a powerhouse sales team.

This “Capacity to Do It” isn’t about potential; it’s about the here and now. Can they deliver today?

Deciphering the “C” – Gauging the Readiness to Excel

✔ Skill Mastery: Are your sales reps proficient in the necessary skills crucial for sales success? Do they exhibit a mastery over the technical and soft skills required to navigate the sales process effectively?

✔ Resource Availability: Do they have access to the essential tools, technology, and resources needed for their roles? Are these resources modern, updated, and conducive to helping them achieve their sales targets?

✔ Learning and Development: Are there well-structured avenues for continuous learning and development to enhance their capacity? Is there a culture of continuous improvement that encourages them to upskill and adapt to evolving market dynamics? 


Implications of the “Capacity to Do It” Factor in Sales

✔ Performance Enhancement: Ensuring adequate capacity significantly boosts the performance and productivity of your sales reps, thereby contributing to a higher level of customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

✔ Revenue Augmentation: With the right resources and skills, sales reps are better positioned to close deals, foster lasting customer relationships, and contribute positively to the revenue stream.

✔ Retention and Growth: Sales reps who are well-equipped, well-trained, and supported are more likely to stay committed, contribute to organizational growth, and seek avenues for personal and professional development.

Empowering Your Sales Reps for Sales Mastery

The exciting journey of sales leadership is about fostering an enriching, supportive environment where your sales reps can thrive, grow, and contribute significantly towards achieving organizational goals.

The “Capacity to do it” component of the GWC framework serves as a vital lens to evaluate, enhance, and continuously improve the readiness and resources available to your sales reps, propelling them toward achieving sales mastery and driving organizational success.

✔ Key Takeaway #1 – Skill Evaluation: Regularly evaluate the skill levels of your sales reps to identify areas of improvement and devise targeted training programs to address these gaps.

✔ Key Takeaway #2 – Resource Provision: Ensure that your sales reps have unhindered access to the necessary tools, technology, and resources. Evaluate the effectiveness of these resources and upgrade them as necessary to meet evolving needs.

✔ Key Takeaway #3 – Continuous Development: Foster a culture of continuous learning, development, and improvement to enhance the capacity of your sales reps, preparing them to adapt and excel in the dynamic sales landscape.

✔ Key Takeaway #4 – Stay Engaged: Continue to engage with your sales reps, understanding their challenges, providing the necessary support, and celebrating their successes as they strive for sales excellence.

Embarking on the journey towards harnessing the full potential of your sales reps is a collaborative endeavor. Talentfoot is here to help. To aid you in this pivotal journey, we’ve meticulously designed 8 critical questions aimed at helping you evaluate and improve the “Capacity to do it” aspect within your sales team.

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